Updating Planetary Interaction designs setups after Incursion patch

A bit of change with the new Planetary Interaction (PI) system and the new Extractor Command Units (ECU) interface which does much affect Planetary setups and design from previous setups prior to the new patch. The old extractors have to be deleted though you do get a ISK refund on all old extractors which no longer function. Then you have to setup the new Extractor Command Units.

New Extractor Command Unit interface.

The new Extractor Command Unit interface. Much better than the system before and more information display relevant to extraction location and time run of extractors. You can set extractors to now run up to as long as 14 days if you wanted to. Probably if you were going on vacation probably. But you have a lot more options in duration of extractors running  which seem to now be the program setting you load in the interface to run. You have to play with the interface and moving the extractors around a bit to your liking and setup. But I like the new system much better than before.

As well less clicky PI now overall. Playing with the system the first few designs on time as it relates to PI for me in high sec and the extraction rates in high sec empire space the 2 day 1hr and 30 min extractor duration seem to be ideal and somewhat efficient for me as well as for maintaining 30 min cycles on extraction cycles to match my processors. More so to me to do with high sec lower extraction rates and to keep planetary processors running 100% the time vs being starved for a hour or more on lower volume extraction rates.

Overhauling a few planets gives a chance to really play and learn how the new system sorta works. For me redesigning PI setup is fun from a design aspect vs resetting planets as a whole. But does seem like you can set up each individual Extractor Command Unit to extract a different planetary resource if you wanted to which is also cool and without and extra cost it seems. You just have to play with the new interface to learn how which isn’t too hard to figure out selecting what you want to extract.

I overhauled a few planets mostly the extractors, however that does affect the previous setup that was there. So other than delete the entire previous setup I just redesigned the extractor layouts around the previous design if possible without incurring the ISK cost of decommissioning processors and launchpads already in place for added cost. It’s also nice that once you drop a Command Center on planet you can now upgrade it in place if you train for the higher Command Center skills.

PI does take some playing around with to get used to but if you been at it a while now it won’t be all that much different to knowing how to do stuff. Actually in the process on having to redesign 15 total planets. So far only got 7 done so far.


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