Overhauling a Planet design with new PI Incursion Patch

New Planetary Hotspot and setup of Extractor Command Unit layout

Prior existing PI setup on this planet “did not” have this new existing hot spot before prior to the new PI changes. Planetary design had colony setup in another seemingly close by location all at another spot. So building and decommissioning design setup at the same time to see how new layout would work, first removed existing old extractors in old location and setup new extractors in this new location with the hottest of hot spots.

Zoomed out view of area colony dismantling and redesigning PI setup.

Checking the distance back to main and previous unit launchpad.

That's a lot of distance to run that link consuming power. Rough draft design will see how this pans out eventually while designing new layout and removing some old units from prior setup.

Running link for power all that distance will eventually cause lots of power consumption problems.

Also cannot route Extractor Command Unit from new hot spot location to Launch Pad all that distance given the routing load 166% of link normal load of resources without upgrading to a stronger link. Doing this also consumes much more power which can affect the numbers of extractors used. So redesign the layout though never hit submit button while at it so changes incurred no cost.

Relocated Launch Pad which helped the power problem on the link and relocated processors.

Removed old units in previous location. Added back the previous number of basic processors and extractors in previous location.

Complete. Not much extra power left over either to add any other units. White spot in major extraction area gone, it has shifted.

What I also notice by the time I was done a bit over an hour later which also had completed 2 run of the Extractor Command Unit in the new hotspot area was that the hot spot had changed in the area. The white spot in the new hotspot which was in the very first pic simply changed to just red in the very last picture as soon as the extraction cycle started in that area. Which made me believe resources on the planets now seem to constantly shift and change eventually somehow. As well the total resources in that area did change from what I remembered they were previously when I had set the extractors.

I set the planet for 2 days 1 hrs and 30 min time duration which maintains the 30 min cycle rate to match my processors to keep all units running full time vs idle time . This will work for me given my Planets are in high sec which also has a different level of resources compared to low, null and WH space planets which has much richer resources and require a different planetary layout as a result.

Well still have 8 more planets to re-design with the new extra units which will probably take a little while to complete. As well also make some changes to some the first planets I re-designed to their extra programs for efficiency and extractors duration consistency.



  • FYI, placing the extractor nodes in the ‘hot zones’ do not yield you the most resources possible. As the ‘hot zones’ are constantly changing. thats why when you survey, it’s never the same twice. CCP really needs to tell us how this works as PI has changed from calculable logic to dumb luck

  • Yeah i’m quite aware of that with the hotspots since the patch playing with PI while doing the overhauling of colonies. Mentioned that in observation in the followup blog post after this one in that planets are now dynamic and either shifting resources or regenerating resources. And so hotspots move around as well as other areas shift of resources shift in and out of concentration over time.

    Its a bit of experimentation refiguring things out over time, observing and how to best set things up. Does take some time to adjust to the new changes. So far i been able to figure a bit of things out observing things over time, but then most the stuff one learn about PI or figure out is from doing it hands on.

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