Incursion 1.1.0 Patch, what I’m looking forward to

Well its patch time for Incursion 1.1.0 and the servers are down as we speak for a long day of patching. Had a chance to read the extensive patch notes, new features and many various changes, avatar portrait changes, Sansha Nation invasions, UI changes, Planetary Interaction upgrade, bug fixes, and all that line for line reading to find anything really interesting. But the thing that interest me the most really and looking forward to is the new and upgraded Planetary Interaction changes.

Planetary Interaction

Its been months now since the feature was added. Have enjoyed Planetary Interaction and for quite a while it didn’t bother me all that much the daily clicking to reset all the planetary colonies extractors. But after several months that itself began to wear on me the amount of clicking I had to do daily resetting a total of 15 planets every 5 hours in high. Resetting planet extractors mostly 2 times a day usually but at most often at least 3 times a day at most to make up for the lower extraction rates in high sec. That was a bit a hassle daily, but i did the best to keep at it despite the hundreds of daily clicks to reset colony extractors and had decent processed volume.

For the last 4-6 weeks I’ve just let all my planets go into idle mode while I let all my trading activities as well settle itself out on the market from too much of a work load. That included all PI material sales and movement of processed products to market as well as making any P2-P4 products. So for the last few week lots of material has just sat in storage down on the planets in launchpads, processed material just sitting in planetary customs office, unfinished P4 products at the factory planet facility as well. I’ve enjoyed the break from all the daily click-click from planetary interaction and trading activities even though I know it has costed me several hundreds of millions of ISK lost from just sending PI into idle mode with all other trading activities as well.

So with the revamp and much upgraded system to Planetary Interaction in the new Incursion 1.1.0 patch and new extraction system it just has to the thing I look forward to the most overall followed by having some fun with the Sansha Nation invasion events. Playing with the new Avatar creation system will be quite nice, though not the thing I was looking forward to all that much among other things. However it will be a nice welcomed change to EVE avatars overall and for the improvement of the game as a whole.

Sansha Nation Invasion

Been hearing about this for months as well as looking forward to it in some way. It sounds like fun so what not to like about random system invasion and have to repel forces back for good fun with the Corp and friends. Will just have to see how it turns out.

Corporate Management Role

Did notice some somewhat minor change  reading the patch as it relates to Corporate Management role changes.

  • Corporate wallet management a bit less confusing!
    • Trader, junior accountant, accountant and divisional account access were changed regarding their corporate wallet access.
    • Divisional Roles give you access to take from the corporate wallet (which includes buying stuff) as well as seeing the balance of the division when it is selected.
    • Junior accountant:
      • Can view bills but cannot pay them.
      • Can view wallet divisions’ balance.
      • Does not imply he has access to those divisions.
      • Can view shares.
    • Accountant:
      • Everything above plus:
      • Can pay the bills.
      • Able to view journal and transaction logs.
    • Trader:
      • Can view transaction logs.
      • Requires divisional access to do any actual trading.

I’m not sure as yet what changes this really will make for me in my Corp, if any or that much as yet. It was confusing before the roles. Doing a fair share of missions and exploration activities I tended to do a bit of Trading both regionally and interregional both with my main pilot character and my main Trader character both in Corp and have done well at it personally. Since I’m one of the very few members in my Corp that does a lot of Trading/Research activities some time ago the CEO put me and my trader both in a separate division of the corp to foster trading activities somewhat.

Trade & Research division with role as a Junior Accountant to possibly help the corp in that way since it as a primary activity I did Trading and could help the corp earn ISK that way as well as a member doing something I did allot of. Though never got the role to really trade anything under Corp umbrella to help the Corp make any funds with my own wits. That would of somewhat require an upgraded role Accountant and I think which also allows access to all other Corp wallet divisions. So with much limits not much of a role to do much it was.

Usually day to day I made a profit trade selling whatever I sold on market and just weekly at times would just donate millions in ISK to the Corp main wallet account balance over and above corp tax rate. Especially since Trading & Market income is not taxed only missions and NPC bounties mostly. Mostly just had a Corp title in a separate division of the corp that didn’t seem to do or mean much yet wasn’t a bother either. However the now defined role of Trader as I can recall wasn’t there before Corp wise as stated in the new patch.

So I would guess the role new of a Trader as part of Corporate Management seems to allows possible change or access to being able to do actual trading within a divisional wallet. At least seems so. And being in a separate division already of the Corp in Trade & Research division then it can possibly mean a change via granted role as a Trader to earn ISK for my Corp. Trading under the corp umbrella if granted the role by the CEO for my division only. At least that what it seem to indicate to me. Will have to see how that turns out or if it means what I think it means with the change. Minor change really. But it can just mean a role clarification within Corp and possibly now trade and earn ISK in the division I’m in all by myself. Will just have to see this change mean what I think it seem to mean with clarity of Corp role.

So what are you looking forward to?


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