Somewhere In Space

Have been on a little bit of a break from deep space activities in New Eden while playing with a bit of magic in WoW. In a way needed a bit of a break from day to day Trading activities in EVE which evolved into a life of its own.

With close to almost 300 trades active across 7 regions being managed daily that just became a bit too much. Was spending quite a bit of time daily zipping across 7 regions maintaining, restocking, and checking up on all my trades daily. Plus doing a bit of PI activities daily hauling materials. So I decided to take a bit of a break and let the active trades across all the regions slowly sell off or figure themselves out and reduce my active trade orders over time on its own.

So canceled the few buy orders I had up, let all my PI activities go idle and just took a break with over 280+ active orders and let things sell on their own. However did log in as needed to just take care of training needs. Its been a few weeks so just returning to space. My trade orders are now down almost half, ISK balance is up though not as much as I had expected but that’s ok. However I’m quite happy about things. Much market competition have prevented a good deal of the rest of the orders from selling off. So recently returned just took some time visiting a few regions and updating all my trade orders for competitiveness and to prevent some orders from expiring on the market and having to pay additional broker fee for any relisting.

On my Trader Alothos placed one new buy order in Amarr for a Providence freighter. For the last few weeks he’s been consuming a bit of time in training up for a freighter.

Its been a good break from a lot of daily Trading activities that took on a life of their own.

2 thoughts on “Somewhere In Space

  1. The world of EVE is carried by the unglorified wings of merchants. Sounds like you’re playing a game-within-a-game, or — put another way — the ‘real’ game of EVE.


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