New Noctis Salvage Ship prices gone wild

Jita ship sell and buy prices on new Noctis afters servers up.
Jita prices for New Salvage ship Noctis Blueprints
Amarr prices for Noctis ship blueprint. Was cheaper than Jita. Was!

Was able to get online after the servers came up after the new Incursion patch. I was thinking of maybe buying one the blueprints. I currently got 4 perfectly fine salvage destroyers and doing just fine with them. Getting the one new salvage ship will be nice or even the new blueprint.

Seems the blueprints sells originally for about 390 million ISK out at the few Outer Ring station run by the Industrial corp ORE. I’m not crazy out my mind and aren’t buying till maybe if prices drop to below 450M or so. Better yet come to think of it. I’ll probably just buy a researched BPC when they start showing up on contracts and get a cheap multi run BPC of the Noctis. Aren’t going crazy to spend that much of my millions on a BPO.

From reading the Market and Discussion forums board actual mineral cost to make the new salvage ship is around 43-45 million ISK or so. So can expect it to be on market for about 48-60M at least. With inflated prices for first week to 2 weeks will likely be much higher till people start using researched BPO’s to manufacture the ship. Otherwise who knows, sky’s the limit as to what someone will pay for anything.

I’m just waiting to see how low prices will start to fall on the ship cost and on the blueprints over the next few days to a week.

Wonder how many ships/ISK got blown up out at the heavy gate camps and bubbles at the Outer Ring area couriering the new blueprints to market?

Mostly Jita contracts. Highest BPO Want to Buy was as high as 500M. Sell/Auction prices was up to 1 Billion ISK.

2 thoughts on “New Noctis Salvage Ship prices gone wild

  1. Oh dear…..

    Must get the new shiny…

    Personally I do fancy getting a Noctis, as it will be beneficial to me with how I make isk to fund PvP, but not paying week 1 or 2 prices…


    1. You won’t have to worry long the prices on the new shiny ship has and is falling like a rock in the ocean due to market pvp with players fighting each other in the market place and killing their own profit margin on a expensive BPO.

      Seem prices across 3 regions that was already hitting below 60M. You don’t even have to wait 2 weeks!


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