Rolling past 10 Million Skill Points

Its been a while since my capsuleer Ametius has settled back a bit in the office to gather his thoughts. It’s really been a while I know. I’ve been a bit busy and somewhat guilty of playing a lot of EVE lately, it kills some the boredom lately. Don’t hold that against a gamer of actually racking up game time though as well. Unfortunately I also seem to have quite a bit of time on my hand lately as well through no fault of my own but that’s a real life issue in play. However after almost exactly 7 months of life in New Eden and completing skill training in Research Project Management 4 as part of my research science career phase the amount of accumulated skill training inevitable rolled passed 10 million skill points. Yeah its kinda hard to not notice!

With the completion of training for Research Project Management 4 was time to quickly try to pick up my 5th Research Agent. However needed to pick up a new science skill for any new agent as well. Based on available agent skill training from both of the two R&D NPC corps have high standing with and rationalizing a bit of choices of science training decided to have Ametius training in Molecular Engineering. After quickly acquiring the skill book another 10 million ISK, which each science skill seem to cost just about, quickly trained initially to level 3 in Molecular Engineering. At which point based on available choices of agent between both R&D corps Carthum Conglomerate and Viziam the only agent available and usable at that level was an old and previous lvl 3 Research Agent at Viziam. So an old Viziam Research Agent of mine who previously did some research work for me in Nanite Engineering was now more than happy to now start research work for me in Molecular Engineering for Datacores.

At this point I’m quite happy with five Research Agents at work for me on various kinds of Datacores. Though having six Research Agents at work for me would be quite nice. At this point I don’t find it all that ideal to lock up training for about another month to get to Research Project Management 5 to pick up another agent. So I’ve decided to put that training off to some unspecified future time and focus on other training needs.

I had picked up two +4 Implants for some weeks now and have been unable to use which required Cybernetics 4. Faster training to me is quite favorable if possible. I had initially long ago trained to Cybernetics 3 which allowed me to plug into head a full set of +3 Implants. So decided that now was as good time as any to start training on Cybernetics 4 so can make use of the +4 Implants I had on hand and acquire the rest of the Implant set. So dropped about 65 million more ISK to acquire the other three +4 Implants to plug into brain after completing Cybernetics 4. Total cost of set of +4 Implants, about 100-115 million for a lot of brain wiring to help speed up training efforts. Was able to complete training in Cybernetics 4 and install a set of +4 Implants erasing the previous set of +3 Implants which at the time they were bought seemed like cost a fortune. Oh how times have changed since then.

One of the goals was to get all the previously trained science skills all to level 4 so can access all level 4 Research Agents for more RP/day for Datacores. Currently of the five Research Agents and science skills trained to access each agent for research can only access just one level 4 Research Agent which was for Nanite Engineering. So after completing Cybernetics 4, set training to reach level 4 in each of the previously trained science skills. This should take about 12-14 days.

I started with the current science skill that was only able to access the lowest level Research Agent thus also giving the lowest RP/day which was Mechanical Engineering. Training time just over 3 days. Was able to complete the training to Mechanical Engineering 4 and promptly off to visit the old level 2 Viziam Research Agent about 4 jumps away to cancel current research and pickup the 8 Datacores for the brief research time effort. Was quickly able to find a level 4 quality 0 Carthum Conglomerate Research Agent the highest quality usable agent about 6 jumps away to restart Mechanical Engineering Research. The training queue was and currently is busy at work in training up the next lowest accessible Research Agent and RP/day science skill which is Molecular Engineering. So another 3 days of training to Molecular Engineering 4.

I guess the way things seem to be going in my character career progression of things as a capsuleer It seem to be in the research science/invention training phase of things and I’m quite ok with it. Though I do hope for it to be over at some point soon and get back to ship training skills. I can guess maybe a month or so but science skills are so many, costly and unending it seems. So who knows how long really.

With the recent news that “Learning Skills” will be removed eventually I guess my character Ametius will now have about 1245000 skill points to reinvent into other skill areas. Exactly where those skill points will go is as good a guess as you figuring out where your going to place all of your skill points as well.


2 thoughts on “Rolling past 10 Million Skill Points

    1. Thanks :).

      Just taking things in stride at the moment. Not quite done with learning research skills since only so far the research skills so mostly just allow with Project Research Management training access to Research Agents. And having that access trained the science skills now to get the Research Agents to do datacore research for me. Still have to train those science skills all to be efficient in getting Research points per day which is the current training task. Research skills are quite allot of skills which are many and lengthy.

      However the goal is after finish with messing with Research Agent science skills to train up some the other science skills so can at least be useful and effective to start doing some Invention which does require some effectively trained skills.

      After that back to working on shoring up other skills for ship piloting, astrometrics and other skills in need of increase effectiveness.

      In the long run probably explore life in WH space probably.


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