Agents and Research progress

Was just kinda up late drinking coffee and playing. Life while unemployed means no alarm clock for a while somewhat. Anyway it was late and was doing a few things and it finally occurred to me that hey I need to visit my research agents and check up on things and maybe switch to new research agents. I’ve been somewhat ignoring their emails for a while now unless i had time to drop by.

Somehow I had just forgotten to update my research agents a bit since upping my standing with Carthum Conglomerate to over 8.0 and also had fairly high Amarr standing as well.

Changing Research Agents before and after.

Pulling up the corp R&D agent listing did a look thru of some the higher agents and they specialty research training and seemed that I could indeed switch agents a bit. Somehow I had just completely forgotten to do it. So figured out a plan as to which agent I could use and to which one I would have to move to for continuing research at higher level and or better quality. So visited my 3 research agents all within a few quick jumps and did the quick missions for some minerals sitting right there in the hanger. Quick complete for some more research points. Then bought all the Datacores from each agent and ended up with a total of 152 Datacores of three different variety. This was the first time actually picking up and cashing in my research points.

So after stopping all research had to make several jumps to a new region close by to establish relations with better quality agents. Currently only have one the science skills at lvl 4 and the other three science skills all at lvl 3. Takes time to train skills while needing to learn other things as well. Currently now back to training for Research Project Management 4 after spending some time learning Production Efficiency 5 and buffing up a few other needed skills. Was like a little detour but that’s how thing get trained you make adjustments as needed. So trying at least to train to pick up at least one more research agent at this point. The last one will take some time to train I’m sure at some point.

It also didn’t occur to me that for some time I completely missed that I could use 4 agents for research instead of the three that I had. Completely missed that. So since I had Mechanical Engineering trained up to lvl 3, tried to find a lvl 3 research agent with either Viziam Corp or Carthum Conglomerate. I couldn’t find an agent at level 3 for Mechanical Engineering so I had to find one for level 2 which was just as hard to find one. It turned out there was only one agent I could find for Mechanical Engineering. It was one of the other research agent who was right there in the same station that was previously doing Laser Physics research. Which isn’t too bad considering that the agent is only 4 jumps away vs the other 2 new agent who are some 9 jumps away now in another nearby region.

Seems I will be getting a bit more research points, so that’s all a good thing and was worth the effort to remember to go visit my agent and check up on things. Slow steady effort on research front. Will need to train at least 2 more science skills, 3 maybe for some variety and some other things like being able to use some research based blueprints.

Funny though, research skills and training seem to be quite allot and can go on quite a bit. However the goal at the moment is to get at least one more research agent (5) to do some work and then work on the last research agent at some point later and train up some the current skills to make them more effective for research efforts. The can get back to learning other things. Right now it seems to be all about research science.

4 thoughts on “Agents and Research progress

    1. Oh i’m quite sure you must have ALLOT of datacores to collect lol. Yeah you should drop by and visit your agent once in a while in Empire and relieve your agent of all them datacores 🙂


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