The Traveling Trader

Deep in Minmatar regional space.

Been spending a lot of time lately traveling to far corners of the high sec galaxy it seems in search of possible profitable merchandise. So a bit busy at it and not exactly at the home office with time to gather my thoughts and exactly reflect on what has happened. But as i slowly get back to gathering my thoughts maybe i’ll get back to filing a report in my activity journal.

Screenshot comes from deep in Minmatar space on my not one but three recent visit out to the region. It was the actual first time in seven months of actually living in New Eden that had ever even been in Minmatar region of space. So had made some 25+ stargate jumps and down a string of 0.5 systems to a system to check on purchasing some goods that I couldn’t find. Was quite interesting looking space with all the interesting looking stargates, stations and everything compared to what normally used to seeing in Amarr/Caldari space. At least the traveling was fun seeing all the gate campers at almost every gate down the line to where I was heading.

I did find the merchandise I was looking for.

Currently a little busy and involved in playing Jita high stakes mini-trading game with market manipulators. Its cut throat business at its finest in New Eden.

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