JITA Station Cruise Missile Bonanza

That's a HUGE buy order! Is that for real, or is that a scam...

Was minding my business going about doing some my daily checks on my trade routes. Had acquired a huge load of missiles and needed to move them to somewhere they can sell well. So made a few hops and dropped them off to a station in another region I do regional trade business. Made some detour and popped into Jita to check on some other business. Doing some random checks I happen to just be checking randomly and that buy order above caught my eyes and gave me a shot of adrenaline to wake me up a bit. That’s a huge order at a fairly high price and all in one block!

Looks a bit fishy to me was my first thought just the way the buy order was where it could only be completed in one huge block. I’ve read a bit on trading scams and I though to myself this might be one them margin call scam on buy orders running. However the prices for Cataclysm Cruise Missiles had already shot up in Jita and a few surrounding systems. I had a huge amount of those missiles I just put up in a region and had some more back in my main region I had on the market at much lower price than that. I could sell them here with the uptick in price. I could haul them to Jita and put them up on the market with the price already rocketing upwards.

And maybe if I’m lucky some huge Jita trader or some unfortunate soul will buy them all out making everyone happy and complete the order for the extra profit assuming its a real order. Or someone could get scammed big time buying out the market of missiles having enough quantity and trying to complete the order with a margin call scam. I’ve heard of trading shenanigans but I’ve never seen one live happen especially in Jita and to be actually caught up in it while its going on.

Burned warp speed back to my region and delisted the huge amount of missiles I had on the market. Then started buying up cheap missiles in huge blocks from around the region that wasn’t to far to make the jump to pickup. Bought out several stations entire stock in the process. Packed it all in and burned warp all the way to Jita. If this was real I stand to make a huge profit for the gamble. Headed into Jita and the order was still active and the price had shot up even more on the missiles. I kept wondering the entire time “Is this or Is this not a scam” trade order. With so much scamming in EVE it can be hard to tell. But I kept thinking if this is real profit be awesome and was too excited the whole way. Dumped half a million missiles into Jita and put them up on the market at 149 ISK per unit. Had bought a bunch for as low as 70 ISK a unit.

Hope it all sells!! Or hope someone comes along and buy out the entire station to complete the order. It occurred to me doing some calculation the order was over 1.4 billion in total. Hey I can buy out the entire station and complete the order to maybe get the extra profit. But I kept thinking, No this has to be a scam of some sort with the minimum required to complete the order the same as the total amount. Just still looks fishy! I kept thinking margin call scam. Was like could be fun to do a buyout and make huge profits but can also go broke big time if it’s a scam and left holding a lot of high price missiles on run up prices. I can settle with just getting all my missiles sold.

So left Jita and started heading back to home region. Along the way someone bought out all the missiles for about 65 Million in sales and huge profits based on initial cost. Decided that well Jita might be low on missiles so decided to well buy up and round-up some more cheap missiles and make one more haul for the trip to Jita. Spend a few millions and rounder up another half a million units of Cataclysm Cruise Missiles. I guess I was doing my region a huge favor of buying out several stations of all the stock.

Someone bought a crap load of missiles

Warping back through The Forge region I saw another even bigger buy order was up the price had shot up to 400 a unit for 4.8 Million missiles with Jita stocks lower from the previous buyout. It was at 180 ISK per unit previously for 7.8 Million missiles. Is this for real!!. So much scamming in New Eden its easy to get paranoid about a lot of things even in trading.

Put up another half a million units of missiles on the market for sell order. Hope someone come’s along soon and buys out the market again. Would be really exciting. Two back to back trips to Jita is allot 11 jumps one way. A few purchases were made from some the missiles I dumped in Jita in blocks of a few thousands. I checked the EVE Market & Discussion forums didn’t see anything about the missiles sales or a scam or anything.

About 30 mins or so later noticed my wallet flashing. Someone had come along and bought out the entire market at 249 per unit buying out most the Jita stock. I had put the missiles up at close to the first price around 140. But someone bought out the entire market at a higher price at 249 so I got a higher price of sale. I was rocked! WoW! Biggest sale EVER! Over 100 Million for the second set of missiles. Well over 160 million ISK total all on just one item in the market run up on Cataclysm Cruise Missiles. Have no clue what the hell is going on here with the wild orders but hey selling missiles and someone is buying big time.

Sale Number 2

I think I had a good day here just by chance dropping in on Jita. Trading can be quite fun at times.

I know some you readers out there live and breathe the air of Jita and knows the ins and out of happenings there int he market so wondering if anyone had any idea what the hell was happening last night more like several hours ago with the run up on the Cataclysm Cruise Missiles. At least that’s the only trade I had enough attention span to pay attention to while it was happening. Anyone have any idea?

On another note for PI Robotics prices are up quite a bit it seems. Can’t make them things fast enough.

Real World Transition after Layoff

Things won’t be so bad after all. Got over the initial shock after a few days. Had to go back into work/company to do some separation paperwork and turn in stuff like badge, keys, stuff like that. As well attend one last HR meeting with everyone else getting laid off about separation benefits and all that stuff. Quite important stuff really. Saw a bunch of people who got laid off in the meetings i was in that totally shocked and surprised me as well. This where you think to self don’t seem to be much logic to the people who got laid off, somewhere around 100 employees.

Based on my 6 years with Pfizer will be getting 6 months of severance pay. That will cushion the blow a bit. At this point just have a bit of free time while go thru the process of looking for another job.

A bit of life in transition. This has to be the most oddest phase of my life being unemployed from a layoff. It’s quite an odd feeling ignoring the alarm clock daily right now.



  • keep your head up buddy and your spirit high…

  • Thanks 🙂

  • I have never traveled to Jita. After reading your post. I may just have to give it a look this weekend. Best of luck on the life change.

    • Jita is the biggest trade hub in New Eden and one of 4 major trade in empire space with the 4 major empires. However Jita is also scam central of all things trading and very popular hangout for scam artists and pirates.

      If you’ve never been to Jita then at least travel there to understand what its like in Jita as well the docking experience which can be a annoyance. Have fun, you can find some deals there due to the amount of trade that happens there. Though not everything in Jita is always the cheapest, it just have the biggest volume movement of everything tradable.

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