Tonight got laid off…….due to Corporate Restructuring

Was off for a couple of days on my normal rotating shift schedule at work. So tonight was my regular night back on the weekend shift that transitions into the next working week for my shift. Got into work as usual around 1750 and everything seemed as usual. Only thing a little odd was my manager was still there in his office, which was a bit unusual for him to be working this late. Two shift supervisors were there but nothing usual about that since one supervisor usually relieves the other for each shift. But I did wonder on the surface of my mind why my manager was there. The possible reasons wasn’t very far from my mind.

About a week ago all employes at my company site was asked to attend one of 3 daily meetings that related to “possibly” getting laid off, what to expect, how it would occur. As well during the transition for the ones that remained what to expect going forward yet also what to expect somewhat if you happen to unfortunately get laid off as the company site where I work at go thru massive reductions in employees. This was to be expected to happen towards the end and beginning of the new month time frame. Quite a bit of uncertainty was in the air as a result. Yet that uncertainty was there as well since a year ago when the largest drug maker in the world “P” bought out my former company a large rival drug maker “W” in a huge merger. To digest all that massive cost, its been lots of reorganization all across the company since that time and it continues and will continue for some time into the future.

So back to work if we may. We had our shift turnover meeting as things were passed on of happenings of the last several days and things needed to know into the night shift. After the meeting was over and work issues were dictated somewhere around 1815 or so I was told by my supervisor that the manager wanted to see me. I’m well aware of things happen in the ether and immediately at that point I pretty much knew what this was going to be about, I’m far from being this clueless. I just decide to take things as the ball swings.

I sat down, my manager pulled out a folder. I knew what was coming, I just decide to keep my cool and take things as they come. My manager sat behind his desk and my immediate supervisor stood near by with the office door closed. I was told that with the expected layoffs in employees and all the massive cutbacks at my corporate site that reduction was to be expected and that with that my services to the company will no longer be needed. I was shown the folder pertaining to me and that my services to the company will end next week friday and that will be paid for the remaining week. And that would have to complete some paper work and attend a set HR meeting in next few days at the site pertaining to my expected severance benefits of being laid off.

My manager was being straight about it. Any questions? “No not really”. I said I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m also not surprised either. You see my direct supervisor and I have had friendly difference of opinions. So being that my supervisor was also right there I knew the deal. I wasn’t all that surprised. I figured out some time over a week ago in a discussion with some other co-workers given the possibly outcome of things how this could all play out. We figured out that it would be tough to lose anyone given that we were already downsized previously down to minimum and that if anyone at all remained it would be the golfing buddy of the supervisor who don’t do the same job that I do exactly and a recent hire in the last year, but who’ve been somewhat groomed to be in a good taken care of position as a golf buddy. Sure enough that’s the way the deck of cards fell in a way. No matter how the decisions were made as they were, its hard not to notice the obvious.

You know, it is what it is!

Yes its saddening, you try to take it in stride as it happen. But it does hit you that you’re getting laid off due to downsizing due to corporate reorganization happening across various divisions. I just said I was glad for 6 years of service to the company and all the money I saved them through my work efforts and its allot. I worked as a Technician, I maintained and took care of equipments and systems, I help keep it up and running and I make sure it never goes down. Which is just bad all around if it ever does taking care of a lot of engineering equipment operation in the production of vaccines. I know the amount of times things could have gone terribly wrong at work and how much my efforts have saved them a lot of pain and money. I’m a dedicated worker, never in six years did a miss a day of work for any reason even when I didn’t feel all that well. But at this none of that ever matter does it.

I didn’t feel bitter in the meeting. I just felt sad it was me sitting in the chair at the end of a termination notice. I’ve never been terminated in my working career before, that’s an odd feeling having been fully employed for 20+ years on my own terms. I shook my managers hand and that was that. My immediate supervisor who was there in the meeting never said a word! None! Nothing!

One of my other very good and hard working co-worker also was laid off right behind me from the same shift. I was quite shocked to say the least that he was laid off as well. Layoffs at my site has been happening for the last few days. I have no idea who among the other shifts were also laid off since well I was reporting to my usual scheduled night shift.

I was later told I didn’t have to finish the shift and that I could pack up my things if i needed to and leave on my own. Gee! I never get to finish my shift either. I was talking to my co-worker of 6 years whom we both work together everyday, my work wingman I guess. He was learning the deal as it was happening. He was shocked! I spend about 15 minutes cleaning up my desk of a few things. Checking some email and such. Since wont no longer be there don’t really need anything on my desk anyway. Gave some tech equipment I had in my desk to my co-worker to put to better use. All the other guys my other co-workers eventually knew something was happening, their work shift was getting extra tight and light. So they heard the news, bad news travel fast even at whisper level. They were shocked! They thought somewhat along the line just as I did of the situation of things.

Man, It is what it is!

You know not much of anything on my desk I really needed. I didn’t need all the tech manuals or any that stuff. I collected just a few personal paper stuff, some papers from a recent training class I attended that I consider quite valuable for reference. A folder of some stuff and my coffee cup. Left my contact info with my immediate co-worker wingman whom I’ve worked with days and nights for  all of my entire 6 years. He would now be carrying the load all by himself. That’s gonna suck big time. But I guess it’s no longer my worry is it.

I gathered my things and was time to leave. It felt really sad, depressing more like it. Man Its my last day here ever turning a wrench and playing with plc’s and looking over equipment. No longer my worry! All the guys walked out into the corridor to say good bye. It was ohh so obvious they were sad to see me leave and a funny feeling as well just leaving. The manager came out to shake my hand as I was making my way to leave. I’m sorry I having to leave too i thought. I took a few steps in the corridor sure that I said goodbye to everyone. I figured maybe I missed someone so I took a few steps back to look where everyone else were gathering for a post restructuring meeting of the department. No didn’t seem like I missed anyone, I said bye to everyone. Everyone said goodbye…… except umm one person, the other person that was in the room when I sat in the chair. That just didn’t surprise me in any way. It is what it is!

Walked and badged my way out of work for the last day. Said bye to the other guys at the other building where I previously work in in the other engineering department. It was then I learned one the most senior and most knowledgable guys there also got his layoff notice as well and learned that my former supervisor whom I worked for also got laid off. A very long week its been for all the employees there it seems and much doubt for the ones that remain.

So about an hour and a half after I got to work I left on my very last work day there. Laid off, downsized whatever. Your now out of a job due to as a result of a corporate merger which resulted in lots of restructuring and corporate site massive downsizing. It is what it is! Next week will start a new week in an uncertain economy in search of a job behind everyone else there already looking for one.

It’s a bit weird being out of a Job! Much changes will soon come to real life and spare time endeavors.



  • I’ve lived through a few layoffs and left on my own steam as a result. It’s never logical how they do it, and more often than not those with long tenure get shafted. It sure sounds like nepotisim came into play in your case as well.

    Sorry to hear you lost your job. If for nothing more that some solice, I’ve been able to advance my career in this down economy through change of employeer. So I can advocate how change is good and hard workers with drive can advance in this economy.

    I am not sure what part of the world you hail from, but if you in north eastern USA. Drop me an email: eve dot sob at gmail dot com. I have a fair network in the Information technology field and know a few folks in the pharmaceutical space a well. Id be glad to assist if possible.

    Hoping you find a new and better job shortly.

    Happy Hunting!



    • No its never logical how they do things when they decide to let people go. They get rid of allot of good and and people all at same time letting letting go of allot of good people that they really should keep. Oh well thats nothing new.

      Yeah i live on the east coast in NC. Will consider my options and see how it all works out. Working in the pharmaceutical industry can sometime be a small world usually knowing someone you worked with as contacts at another area company so will see or whatever else options comes up.

      • Know a few folks in NC and my company has an office there. Good luck and tag me if you think I can help.

  • Damn, I’m sorry to hear that. Especially when things like this happen through no fault of the employee’s own, like in your case when a company merger causes massive restructuring, and it makes me especially upset when it’s over bureaucracy BS like your supervisor.

    Good and dedicated workers like you will always make out okay though, you’ll find another job soon, I’m sure of it. Good luck!

    • Yeah sucks, not like the company I work/worked for is hurting for money either P-F-I-Z-E-R. About a week ago they just spent billions buying another sector company, thats just the way it goes. We made a critical infant vaccine at out company site and its highly profitable to say the least and we were somewhat the only site where its manufactured in the US. The unfortunate news is all of that production is in the process of moving over to Ireland. Sucks!

      Think there’s somewhere around 700 employees where I worked at on a huge facility production site, thats going to be going all the way down to somewhere around 375 employees or so due to all the restructuring.

      Office politics sucks, it always has. The supervisor deal i knew what it was so just never mentioned anything more about it. Will see what comes up.

  • Damn, that sucks. I have been there a couple of times myself. I was once laid-off two months before the birth of my first child. That was hard.

    However each time I was laid off, things worked out for the better. I had the time to update my skills and do some of the important things I didn’t have time while working, and eventually I got better jobs than the ones I left.

    Hope things work out for you.

    • Yeah man that really sucks for anyone in that position at that point.

      Often it works out for the better though just have to go through allot of hurdle jumping to get there.

  • Sorry to hear that. Best of luck in finding new employment, and I hope it all works out for you.

    • Thanks PJ, I hope so too. Will see.

  • I’m sorry to hear, and that a better opportunity happen for you.

  • I’m sorry to hear as well, that feeling of being told that you are no longer needed is really a kick in the groin… I hope you will bounce back and find that better opportunity. Being positive as you are is the right way to continue.

  • Sorry to hear about that mate. TBH i found myself in the exact same position this morning, it’s still sinking in. We had no warning or anything. Oh well, shit happens. At least, unlike alot of my colleagues, i dont have a mortgage or kids to support.

    GL with the job hunting.


  • Galo, sorry to hear that. Hopefully things turn around for you quickly. Stay confident and keep your chin up.

  • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost your job. I had a similar experience like you did in october 2009. Only difference is the fact that it was totally unexpected.
    As agreed between me and the company ceo, I took my 3 weeks summer leave, the day after my daughter was born. So I could help out my wife.
    A week after I started to work again, the ceo called me. Due to economics, crisis, etc. etc. they had to let me go. They paid my salary till 31 december ( on that day my temporary employment would end.)
    So now I’m at home since november 2009 and officially unemployed from january . Still looking for a job. It doesn’t matter where you live ( I’m from the Netherlands) it’s hard.
    But I keep on smiling and being positive, despite all the RL burdens.
    I wish you all the best in finding a new job :))

  • Thanks all. Trying to keep the confidence and a positive attitude outlook.

    Have started to do some job hunting. So just trying to stay confident.

  • Galo …

    … I feel the pain. 9 freakin’ years at the same place, recently I’ve been working all hours (2oclock on a friday night 3 weeks ago) unpaid to help out when we’re looking likely to lose a very important contract.

    Not only do I get no thanks for it, I actually get criticised because what i did at 2am on a saturday morning wasn’t perfect, I get laid off :`(

    Just this thursday gone. So I know where you’re coming from totally.

    I’m lucky in that technically I won’t be made redundant till start of December, the f***ers still expect me to work up till then!! But what happens atthe start of Dec? CLITACHASM!!!

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