6 Months of EVE Online


6 Months of living and Traveling vast distances around the EVE Universe. Umm it barely seems like been anywhere in this vast universe.


First decision I made was deciding to try the game out myself irregardless of what all those other people may have said and have read, keep saying or said about EVE, yet have never played the game or played the game one week and quit. I decided I was going to try the game out myself and give it a shot and make my own decision about the game. I wanted to know what the game was really about and what it was really like because really as much as I had heard about EVE reading here and there I still really didn’t know jack about the game. I never really thought that six months later I would be still playing the MMO game. Afterall everyone said the game was hardcore. I figure I maybe last a month at best.

Well I just passed my 6 months mark since I decided to give the game a fair shake playing EVE Online and living among the stars in New Eden. In some way I guess I’ve survived if you would believe it’s really that hard to at least try out the game and the various aspects of the game to really see if I can to see if do enjoy it. There are still many aspects of the game I have yet to experience or become involved in, but I have learned enough in 6 months playing that I know I really enjoy the game and that I’ll keep on playing. EVE Online is a very deep and enriched game and universe with a lot of complications to the game. Being in EVE is like living a career as a capsuleer that morphs and changes over time with skills, opportunities and interests.

For the vast majority of people who don’t play EVE and hears about the game on blogs or other new sites it’s usually due to some player loosing Billions of ISK is some expensive ship explosion, player steals Billions from Corporation or some elaborate market scheme. Billions lost to Pirates in some form or huge Alliances ship fleet fight that results in lots of expensive ship explosions which results in shifted control of vast amount of territory in EVE universe. Yet there are many other things to do that a new person can do in EVE Online that never makes it to the outer world and often if it does seem quite lame compared to loosing Billions and hundreds of Billions, possibly Trillions in ISK which often seem much more eventful, stunning and mind blowing compared to other less noticeable things to do in EVE. There are still many other things that goes on in EVE far below newsworthy radar.

But what I find most interesting about the game is that there is allot to learn, experience, keep learning and that its pretty damn hard to learn it all. There aren’t a day every gone by that haven’t learned something new and keep learning something I had no idea of in the game. Often I’m just quite amazed how various things work just never knowing. It’s a learning experience playing and living a life in New Eden. With all the various aspects of the game and the different areas to live and explore in EVE there will never be a shortage of things to learn in a vast and ever changing universe.

Six months on in EVE, In a way my career as a capsuleer has barely even began. I’m still a rookie! And compared to many EVE Online bloggers and veteran members of the EVE Online Blog Pack, I’m also very much one the most junior member and yeah still a rookie lol.

Hey If I can decide to try out EVE Online for 6 months, you having never played EVE Online or barely can surely give the game a fair shake at a two week free trial. If I can make it in EVE Online, you can too!

6 Months of EVE Skill Points learning (continuous): 8772641

Current Skills: 143 Total skills trained

Corporation Management: 750, skills 1

Drones: 155010, skills: 6

Electronics: 1073852, skills: 12

Engineering: 467594, skills: 9

Gunnery: 213745, skills: 11

Industry: 738286, skills: 14

Leadership: 750, skills: 2

Learning: 1036590, skills: 11

Mechanic: 662328, skills: 14

Missile Launcher Operation: 250, skills: 1

Navigation: 55558, skills: 7

Planet Management: 732080, skills: 5

Science: 2072982, skills: 22

Social: 507275, skills: 7

Spaceship Command: 956192, skills: 13

Trade: 99399, skills: 8

ISK: Made over 1.5 Billion balance in wallet with lots of unsold asset goods. You can make ISK in EVE without mining and you can make ISK.

In the evolution of my career and training as a capsuleer in EVE Online, it’s barely seen like its began. But it continues to grow and skills continue to become more effective with time that will eventually evolve into other careers and opportunities over time as well.

When a player leaves EVE to return to play World of Warcraft because EVE is too difficult it raises the IQ of both games player base.

That was one the very first quote I ever heard in EVE when I joined my first Corporation and happened to mentioned I used to play WoW and just started playing EVE Online. I laughed! Six months later there is some truth in that I could say.

Really it’s not that hard getting over that so call curve in EVE Online. Most new players make it much much harder on themselves trying out the game and the various aspects of the game than they should. It’s a Myth that you have to mine just to make ISK starting out new in EVE Online. Find and join a good decent Corporation in EVE Online and ask for help if your new. Read EVE player blogs, it help accelerate your learning. And if your like me you read a ton for fun which speeds things up allot. But you too can get over that so called learning curve to smooth cruising among the stars.


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