First Production


Factory Processing Planet P2-P4 Production Chain


Since I got all that factory floor space setup some days ago has taken a while to get things going down on the planet complex. The first P4 product finally rolled of the new production line several Broadcast Nodes. Also had some P3 Robotics roll off the production line earlier in the production chain that quickly sold for a modest 28% profit. However it seemed like It was a lot of work as well or might just be in my mind. Maybe it was just the effort trying to get the production lines working and connected right and not putting material in the wrong storage pad to be eaten by the wrong processor. As well the effort of getting the first P4 product out the factory door and off the planet.

First it took some playing around imputing a small amount of P1 and making a test batch of some P2 Coolant product trying things out. The price of Coolant also looked very depressing on the market, so just stockpiled it. Then did a few more runs calculating out correct amount of how much of X & Y of P1 product to really import to get things going for multiple line production processing. Had a huge pile of PI product that had been sitting on for a while yet unsold so had a bit of stockpile material to play with.

Decided to see if the lines could crank out a P4 product, so decided to try for a run of Broadcast Nodes. Hauled the P1 product material stored at a system space station out to the planet for imported down to the planet. Then had to setup all the schematics and correct routing of processors. Got things started and then realized, hey I needed Oxidizing Compounds and Industrial Fibers and I didn’t have either P1 material. Nor did I have a planet producing either those two P1 material. So the chain got stuck for a few days while I contemplated buying material on market or setup another PI guy to head down to a planet and setup ground operations to get me some of the two materials I needed.

Anyway production was slowed getting two new planets started up producing P1 Oxidizing Compounds and Industrial Fibers. To say the least those two planets in high sec based on all my planets setup and cycle rates seem to be the absolute worst two planets by far to extract and produce the P1 materials. Extraction and production of the P1 is pitiful in quantity and that’s after finding the best planets to set up on in highsec scouting at least half a dozen systems and looking at lots of planetary scans. So looked into placing a market buy order to get some of the extra P1 material on the cheap for the two materials needed.

However finally got enough material and had to remember how much of X I needed to get Y, since most the production chain had been running the whole time and had stalled due to the other products needed in the chain. The materials were missing to produce some parts of the P2 & P3 materials needed in the chain. So had to go over my notes and do calculations so not to leave a processor half stuck in operation cycle with product which did happen umm twice on same processor. All learning process like the first opening of a store.

In the end finally figured things out a bit and got the chain running smoothly making chain producing P2 >P3 >P4 product all automatically. Had two processors each making the same needed individual P2 to combine to make the P3 stored in one of 3 launchpads. One processor each making the needed individual P3 stored to one of 3 launchpad, which all fed to just one P4 High Tech processor on the planet.

Still have a missing quantity of Industrial Fiber to deliver to the planet to complete the final part of the whole product chain batch. But there is enough material there to run for a while producing the first batch of P4. So far at last check 8 Broadcast Nodes had rolled off the production lines. Also had two extra processors not in use for the P4 chain that were previously setup for P2 production of Consumer Electronics and Mechanical Parts to produce P3 Robotics. So installed another job with twice the material imput as before to start producing the P2 parts to make the P3 product.

Was fun and quite nice to finally make my first P4 ironing out the process. Yet to be honest I feel like I really did a lot of work having to set all that up and getting everything to run smoothly even though absent for the rest of the production. Still feel like had to put in a bit of effort. You really need a spreadsheet for this kind of production to not confuse yourself at times as well to figure out exactly all the cost involved. Now just hoping I can turn me a ISK profit for all that work.

One comment

  • I agree, at first it’s a lot of work. Once you fine a series of products that you like and have good profit. It’s really drag and drop after it is all setup.

    Coolant is down 25% from when I first started making it. almost not worth making it right now over selling the P1 items. I agree 120% that industrial fibers, oxidizing compounds, and silicone are lousy highsec P1 products. Sadly they form a lot of the requirements for what I make.

    I chew through 1840-2760 of each a day, but fortunatly I produce with a little extra each day.



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