Test Kitchen Explosive Works

Slow week at the office with the real life working schedule burning the midnight oil.

Barely have time to try to click click my way to resetting all my PI extractors, actually they all not running at all. Oh well, will get them reset on the weekend.

Finally got another BPO out of the factory oven from Material Research works a Heavy Assault Missile BPO just getting it to ML 20. It spend just barely over a day in Material Research. I can live with that. Not really into trying to keep any my BPO’s going in material research there forever in search of perfection but something I can live with and get them in and out of ML research fairly fast. I pulled up contracts and saw the same missile BPO on contracts with 1000 ML and 750 PE and though to myself how long that BPO must have been tied up in a factory research slot probably for months and all the cost as well. Checked over the materials for comparison and only real difference was just 6 Tritanium for the most part and 2 of another cheap mineral just looking at it.

But that’s just my 2nd ammo and missile BPO having gone through the kitchen for recipe material work. Exciting! Manufacturing skills still need some efficiency but will get to that soon. Still exciting though.

I’m in my rookie years I can get excited about a lot of things new to me in EVE, so just getting a BPO I own back can be exciting. Threw another BPO this time a ship BPO in the factory oven to get to ML 10 to hold down a slot for about 2 weeks for some material work as well. Should have 4 BPO’s coming out the factory in 4 days and can probably stack several module BPO’s all in one or 2 slot to hold down that research slot for a few weeks. Will have to see how that goes.


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