Progressing on Research Skills

Focus at the moment is making efforts primarily on research science skills. However there is the occasional thrown in of a needed skill to be learned here and there as the need of flexible training schedule dictate for other areas of concern.

Training on Advance Laboratory Operation was completed to lvl 4, while also quickly learning some other needed combat skills. With at least 28 days to learn Advance Lab Ops, as much as I would like to train to lvl 5 I opted to learn something else to make a skill more useful vs tying up training time for that long at this point. I can always finish learning the skills at some other time. However now having Advance Lab Ops 4 also allow access and use of another factory slot into which I was able to inject another blueprint for some Material Research work.

Currently have 10 blueprints installed in a factory slot for Material Research work with 5 being actively worked on. As well work was completed on one of my BPO for a heavy missile for Material Research. I added another module BPO to a slot right behind one of my other installed job slot also in Material Research. However it was nice though to finally receive a BPO back from the lab to feel the wheels of progress turning slowly.

Training have progressed enough in other skills that was able to drop 40 million ISK and pick up the training skill book for Research Project Management (RPM). Had just one Research Agent doing some research work for me in Nanite Engineering, a lvl 3 Viziam Corp agent. Training RPM would allow access to more Research Agents. With some more training in RPM was able to drop another 10 million ISK and also quickly train a bit in Amarrian Starship Engineering. And thus put another Viziam Corp agent to work doing Amarrian Starship Engineering research. Sweet!

Decided to dropped another 20 million ISKĀ picking up and injected training skills for Mechanical Engineering and Laser Physics based on what research skills are available from my newly accessible lvl 4 R&D agents through Carthum Conglomerate. With some efforts from missioning and working on corp standing can now access Carthum highest lvl 4 R&D agents as well as all other corp agents.

Have yet to train both new science skills fully as yet though have made some initial progress in Mechanical Engineering. But so far things are progressing in the research training department and acquiring new Research Agents to work on my behalf. Research points continue to accumulate daily. Wheels of progress does and can seem slow, but it does turn.


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