New Agents, Standing and Missions

Yeah does seem like haven’t been in the office a while to make log entries. But the truth is just been in a focused mood improving relations with my missions agent and didn’t feel like changing the mood to make log entries. So have been making friends with new agents in various divisions of Carthum Conglomerate my NPC R&D Corp. So field work has been plenty and the suits at Carthum seem to be also pleased as well with my frequent visits of late.

Said some farewell to my very long time low-level 3 agent in Tash-Murkon region and was warmly greeted by various level 3 higher agents in the Kador region. Put in lots of hours working overtime improving relations with my new mission agents and greatly improved my relations with Carthum. That eventually lead to new working agents back over in the Domain region. So well was all the effort working for Carthum’s various agents that was able to improve my relations standing from around 4.7 to 7.20. Hmm, close but not close enough yet to soon get a Jump Clone when hit 8.0 standing with Carthum Conglomerate. It helped allot that that every 16th mission the story line agent was also in fact a Carthum storyline agent which provided a substantial boost in both corp and empire standing.

Pleased with my efforts the suits at Carthum has seen to it that every agents within all their various division now provide open access to all available missions. Which means can access the highest level 4’s missions available as well as the various new lvl 4 R&D agents for my ongoing research efforts. A goal achieved. Having reached the highest lvl agents with two different NPC R&D Corps that have been working for Viziam and Carthum Conglomerate is rather pleasing.

Through the mix of missions was reminded why I hated one particular mission. I got it again and on the second part of the mission finally realized what the missions was called “My Sweet Privateer” and why I hated it. It still sucks for a mission in a lone Battlecruiser. Was able to get some help from a corpmate in a Nighthawk (First time seen one) that made mince meat of the mission quickly to finish the second part of the mission which was over faster than it took to cruise from warp in entrance in first room and cruise to the acceleration gate to the second room.

So a minor goal over next few days/week, get to 8.0 with Carthum Conglomerate which allows setting up of a Jump Clone.

One thought on “New Agents, Standing and Missions

  1. Just a word of advice if you’re doing a lot of missioning. Refuse the ones that require you to shoot Empire factions (Gallente and Minmatar).

    I worked my faction up quite high with Amarr then started losing ships while afk autopiloting.

    I’m now repairing the standing. It’s a real nuisance being kill on sight to Empire factions, not least because my corps runs operations in both areas of space.


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