Assets Finally Consolidated

Its been a busy week traveling and warping across the galaxy in various ships through countless stargates  and more star systems who’s names I can’t remember. However I did get around to finally completing collecting and consolidating most of my assets that’s were spread across the galaxy.

That is no small task to do for any capasuleer with assets spread all over the galaxy. But it took me almost an entire day and was really exhausting. My assets had grown to the point where had all kinds of modules and some ships stored in hangers spread across 31 stations and seven regions if I can remember correctly. Was determined to dwindle that list down quite a bit and reduce my spread of asset storage substantially.

At the end of a lots of hauling and lots of trips some quite mind numbing back and forth, was able to reduce that list down to just 7 stations all in the same region. As well all assets of ships and modules within 2 jumps of main operating hanger. Not including 2 station in two different star system with a stash of seized pirate narcotics that I just left at those stations.

In the end that was a job in itself. Was finally good to open my assets listing and not see a long list of assets stored at stars systems all over multiple regions.

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