New Player “NOOB” Mistakes In EVE

Was catching up on some blogs I read and saw over at Dense Veldspar in a recent post a link to a new article post over at TenTon Hammer about very common mistakes new players (noobs) makes starting out in EVE. Many new players to EVE as well as players coming from other MMO make a lot of mistakes starting out in EVE and often many of then quit before they barely even give the game a real chance.

Of all the chat channels I interact in with friends and corps in EVE, the HELP channel is one of the ones I spend a lot of time in just monitoring the various conversations of players asking for help majority being newer players to EVE. You just about see and hear of a great majority of the stupid mistakes new players often make from the questions they ask or keep asking.

Two Most Common Mistakes

1. New player not taking the time to do the Tutorial Missions. Thus asking lots of questions they could have figured out doing the Tutorials Missions.

2. In too much of a hurry to get their first BIG ship, the fastest one they can get to in 2 weeks (Trial Period). Only to lose it spectacularly doing something stupid.

It helps allot if your thinking about playing or trying out EVE, giving EVE another try to not make some of these mistakes. It’s not all the mistakes you can make as a Noob but they go to helping you as a new player have a much better experience.


One comment

  • If only these two pieces of advice would make their way to all new players as they start their trial!

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