Setting up a Factory Planet for Planetary Interaction


Pic 1. Initial Pin setup and placement using Hexagon design.


Have thought about setting up a factory processing planet for Planetary Interaction (PI) for a while but only  just getting around to it finally. So had to make an alt character and train him up with some PI skills. Wasn’t really sure what kind of ratio of setup in the pin design to go with for Launchpad’s, Advance Industry Facility’s, Hi Tech Production Plant’s. As well unsure what kind of design I really wanted. I could always use my extractor/p1 planet efficient design from last overhaul. But wanted something a little different since I enjoy playing with the pins a bit setting things up.

Dropped an Advance Command Center module on a barren planet about 4K radius in same system with some my other planets. I really like the base hexagon pin design from my previous other planet designs, looks like a 6 shooter gun barrel. So I went with that as my base design. Did a rough sketch out how many of each of the various pins roughly the command center can support and started designing pins. Usually when I design the pins I never hit submit button ever till the entire design is complete and submit once to complete the entire design in total. As well it saves ISK if you make mistakes.


Pic 2. Checking Power & CPU. Not enough CPU for links!


After first setup pin placement decided to start linking the pins to see what my final power and cpu consumption will be and hopefully come in just under the limit. Unfortunately not enough CPU to even complete the links. With 3 launchpads they consume allot of cpu for each vs the other structures.


Pic 3. Adjusting Pin design, minor change to correct for CPU demand.


Just deleting one launchpad would give me a lot of options with probably 2-3 extra processors or 2 storage units maybe. I figure I didn’t need the hassle of storage units and doing transfers back and forth in the future. So decided to go with 3 launchpad design for more convenience. So nixed one Advance Industry Facility which in the design meant relocating a Hi Tech Production Plant and moving it to one of the seven pins in the base hexagon design on the left.


Pic 4. Ok with design, hit submit button for first time for entire setup.


Looking over the setup: 3 Launchpads, 1 Hi Tech Production Plant and 17 Advanced Industry Facility ( 18 total processors). I recheck my design before proceeding. I’m ok with things and really like the design layout and decide to hit the submit button for the first time to make the entire design layout permanent. Hopefully I don’t have to make any more changes in the future to the layout.

Cost about 12 million ISK investment for the entire factory processing planet setup in just one click. Now have to figure out exactly what I’m going to make on my new factory floor.



  • Nice layout. Plenty you can do with it. So much I could suggest but honestly figuring it all out is part of the fun.

    The only tip I’ll give you in that a lot of the P4 items are not high profit items and chew through P1 items like there is no tomorrow.

    Happy building.


  • @ EVE SOB, thanks. Yeah figuring things out is a bit of the fun for PI overall. I’ve heard that before as well P4 not being as profitable at this point in time. Hope for the future. Will play around with things over time and see what P2-P3 can make and hopefully it can be profitable. At least I can do something with some that PI material been sitting on for quite some time.

    So far i’m just missing a good excel spreadsheet for all that complicated processing.

  • Hey,

    Nice setups you have here 🙂 And I’ve also been working on some profit calculations for factory planets that you can find here if you’re interested :

    First page with all schematics list “1-step” (P3->P4, P2->P3, …) profits and detailed view shows profit for 2 steps (P1->P3 & P2->P4). I’m still not sure that calculations are entirely bug-free but so far it seems pretty accurate.
    It’s also still a bit messy, but trying to figure out my “perfect” P2->P4 factory planet setup before I finish polishing that page.

  • With Command Center skill at 5 I make my factory planets similarly to yours, but I have a high tech in the center, surrounded by 6 advanced factories, with 1 launch pad. I place 3 of those on each factory planet and I can crank out the P4 items. People say the P4 items are not that valuable, but if you turn them in to POS towers and arrays, the profit starts to go up significantly.

  • The best practice is:
    Setup 28 structures to one baren. you must fill storages with 9 T1 materials
    Storage at planet is sufficient for 4day cycle.
    It will produce 1 T4 per hour. Its 96 pieces of T4 per cycle.

  • screenshot:

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