Breaking 1 Billion ISK


First Billion ISK goal achieved


Seems making the first 100 million took allot longer and was allot more work. But through a lot of buying, selling, buying selling, buy item > courier item > sell, reinvest > buy more items > sell > reinvest and buy allot more > courier > sell, courier sell,  courier sell > sell, handle contracted order/items to sell, reinvest & find new stuff to buy, find deals > courier > sell. With that my trader hit and help made me our first billion ISK. However more money (ISK) helps to make even more money faster.

But the way it happened I hit a billion ISK and forgot to screen shot it. Then spend some 300 million ISK while traveling all over Caldari and Gallente space firstly trying to find something someone else in corp was looking for that wasn’t in my region. Then trying to find some other things to reinvest some my hard earned ISK into. Needed some more high risk investments to speculate on and inject into my trade network. So I had to wait a few days for things to sell off and funds to catch back up. Spending 50 million ISK on a shiny new ship, hmm I have to think about that. Dropping few hundred million ISK on investments to stimulate trade, almost no problem. Go figure that.

I guess it could of being a little bit faster I would sell that several hundred million stock of PI material I’m currently sitting on, but that’s ok. According to my wallet also have over a billion ISK in combined sell orders. And if I remember nothing there on sell orders really much over 15 million as a single item except a Tech II module in Jita for 40 million and don’t really trade in Jita. Only thing really do in Jita is buy orders.

Lots of work and fun though. Hundreds of daily/weekly stargate jumps warping across 7 regions and to dozens of trading outlet stations.

I guess you can stick some up in New Eden at the end of guns and missiles, hijack a ship going through low/null sec, suicide blow someone up in high sec, blow up someone ship and steal/take all their stuff and resell it, scam someone out of millions or billions, rob your corp and sell all their stuff, rob your friends and sell their stuff too, mine asteroids till your eyes bleed and sell minerals, salvage, exploration or mission all day long. Or you can probably hand CCP your credit card and buy you some PLEX to turn into ISK. All ways players earn and make ISK in New Eden and sure many ways and inventive ways I’m sure I never heard of yet to make ISK. The fun to me is figuring out how to make ISK in its various legal ways while keeping risk to some minimum.

For the most I traded my way to my first billion since that was most of my daily activities. And the most interesting thing learned and figured out was all the knowledge gained in the whole process. As well the fun trying to make it. For some players a billion is pure chump change. I still haven’t hit my 6 months of EVE yet.

I guess I could have hang around Jita and maybe played 1 ISK game, yeah been there did that and not all that much fun.

But it’s finally good to break 1 billion ISK barrier doing it all myself and with some help along the way from all the hundreds and thousands of pages of EVE blogs I’ve read along the way. Life as a Trade Industrialist being more a trader than industrialist at this point in my career has been good so far. Now if only all that ISK that was real money!



  • Congrats on your 1st of many billion.

    I had typed this long comment about how if you were thinking about trying out differing aspects of the game you should look into buy a character with the specialized skills trained rather then cross training your current character and then did a stupid thing in closing the wrong tab… mainly it allow you to try out the other aspect without waiting for training time.

  • Not much into buying characters. The fun of the game for me is actually the doing and the learning process and actually going about doing and discovering new things within the limits of what my character can or cannot do. Training time don’t worry me much since not that impatient about getting to any particular destination with skills really.

  • Gratz Galo. I’ve made and spent at least a few billion in the last year. Yet to see a wallet that reflects it though. Highest I got was 800M, but then I sent a pilot to NULL.

    I now have a new goal. I must have a balance in my wallet of 1B before christmas. 🙂



  • Grats.

    Regarding the PI stuff it’s not a bad idea to sit on it. The upcoming expansion seems to have the intention to rework PI with a particular emphasis on making it harder to bot. That should push prices up.

    On the other hand if you’re very actively daytrading then you’re almost certainly better off with more isk to use in short term investments than holding off for an uncertain long term one.

  • I wonder if any of these trading skills can carry over to RL trading. If you could you make a lot of $$ using skills honed ingame, that would be so cool 😀

  • Yeah, I remember those days. Working myself to bigger better ships. I am now the CEO of a small but rich corp and when I play, we make aproximentl 200million ISK / hr. More we play, the more we make.

    Trading is very profitable. I have a dedicated trade character in jita, that does not pay the 1isk game. INstead I perform market manipulation. Purchase an entire stock of an item at super cheap price, then list the hell out of it for way to much. By the time I sell 20% of my initial investment, I have made 100% back.

    From that, anything else is simply ‘icing’ on the cake.

    Also, high item value buys / re-lists are a great way to make capital (officer mods etc)

    I on average make about 1.2-3billion ISK on my trade alt for doing hardly nothing at all, and about 4-6 billion mission running 2x a week for a few hours.

    GL in your endevuers! 1st billion is the hardest! I’m just working on my first trillion 😉 broke the 100billion last month!

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