Collecting Assets

Asset Collection run in a Bestower

Its been a very busy last couple of days to say the least traveling over several regions doing various things and getting a few things done. Even accomplishing a major goal along the way that I never thought I would reach. But will get to that later down the road. With PI running along fairly smoothly so far, Agent Research underway, a few BPO’s in the oven some many distance star system away in queue to start getting Material Research done, training skills humming along, stared into my hanger and looking at my asset distribution all over the place and decided it might be a good idea to rein in spread of assets all over the galaxy.

Originally I had placed a regional order for over 500k in missiles and needed to go collect and move them to a few trade friendly station for sale. So went to one of several hangers and podded up in one of my Bestower Industrial ship and off went all over the region collecting missiles. That was tedious at best and took like forever traveling all over my region of Tash-Murkon. In the process I was amazed at how many of these system I had to go pick up several hundred missiles here and few thousands there that I had never heard of or been to. I guess that made the traveling just a little bit more interesting visiting new systems even in my own region. But after several hours it was all done and placed them for sale in a few trade locations deemed advantageous to selling and convenient to some my capsuleer customers.

In the process I realized I had a lot of stuff still left all over the entire galaxy as well. Umm looking at the asset spread, 31 stations total spread over 6 regions. Assets including numerous ships and lots and lots of modules all over the place some being in some station systems haven’t been to in a while. As well some contraband hiding among all the assets. So spent many long hours revisiting star systems I haven’t been to for quite a while collecting all locally stored assets including shuttles. I must have like over three dozen shuttles all over the place as well.

Anyway I managed way into the late hours of the day to collect all my hangar assets from all over Caldari space, Jita included and a few far edge regions of Amarr space. I had some assets stored all the way over in Arnon where Sisters of EVE offices is located and around that region. But when noticed it was going to be somewhere around 24 jumps one way to get there, decided it was much better to take 9 jumps to head home and leave that asset collection trip to another day. At least i got most of my scattered asset distribution isolated to my own normally operating region which would be much easier to get around to.

Collecting scattered assets is no easy task consuming a huge amount of time in a vastly spread out galaxy.


One comment

  • LOL! Just be glad you are not moving stuff in and out 0.0 space. Those long trips are either really long or super short in a bad way with gate camps and warping to safes etc.

    I am getting ready to pull out of 0.0 for a while. Selling as much as I can off before running the gauntlet back to empire.

    I also tend to trade items that are very small volumes per unit. This allows me to take a frigate (typically a covert ops) about the galaxy at 13.5 AU warp speeds and 2400m/s which helps a ton with the travel time.

    Ofcourse this post reminded me that I need to clean up my space junk as well.



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