R&D Research & Convenient Missions

R&D Research Daily Points

Following the input from a frequent blog reader, (Thanks) I had my young research capsuleer eventually go ahead and train up skills in Nanite Engineering to lvl 4. However first I had went ahead and trained up skills in Connections to lvl 4 as well to also benefit my standings with other active working NPC Corps across the board as a helper first which just took 2-3 days or so. Training Connections to lvl 4 if I remember when I last looked at my research points just raised points gain by about 0.16 as I had 45.72 RP/Day before with my skills which was then raised to 44.88 RP/Day. Could only remember because I screenshot everything somewhat important as notes to help me remember when i blog later looking at my screenshots.

Training skills to lvl 4 in Nanite Engineering was a huge gain as points increased from 44.88 to 65.17 RP/Day. That’s a huge gain to me having trained the skill for about a little over 3 days. So my research points with my friendly agents are now accumulating nicely daily and sometimes with some irregularity actually doing a few agent missions.

Since haven’t been around to visit my agent last several days, haven’t answered his urgent call for some research aid either. But I do try to visit my agent after making my rounds of checking up on my planets for PI and overlooking my trade activities first. I guess I don’t really have to go all that far to visit my agent come to think of it. It’s really convenient as well that my research agent happen to be in the very same station of my main hangar station. Well I do work for his corp and have been doing so for quite some time and for other reasons as well my main hanger happens to be located there also. Ohh how very convenient for location. At most I may have to make one stargate jump from my working field office to return to my main hanger to visit my R&D Agent.

So far for the extra RP/Day just to do the mission which doubles my daily rate accumulation it’s not bad. Hey capsuleer can you please get me some Tritanium? No sweat, let me search around my hanger a bit only got like a few million of Tritanium sitting around gathering dust like everything else. Sure I can easily get you that 2700 units you need to get back on track with your research. Another mission its just a quick easy special delivery in the shuttle a few Au away across the system to a local system station taking less than 5 minutes to complete. Not too inconvenient at all it has been to help out my R&D Agent when I can spare the time. I can probably reach out my pod and grab him being so close by usually.

On the training front working on Laboratory Operations 5 and working towards eventually skilling in Research Project Management so can put more research agents to work. Passive income revenue stream maybe or could be. Invention research aid via datacores all possible also. However having Laboratory Operations 5 allows me also to install a BPO in an additional Material Research facility somewhere for research to be done on for material efficiency. That’s if I can every find a place to do that kind of research in high sec.

Some days ago I did search over 6 regions just to find a system and there were no open slots anywhere. But did find a system 11 stargate jumps away that was low-cost and piggybacking on someone else slot was a way in to getting my own Material Research done in starting in about 2 weeks. Cost wasn’t that much either compared to what I had thought it might be. So I installed a few of my own BPO’s for few Frigates and Destroyer to have some research done. In EVE nothing happens fast in this universe except getting ganked in the blink of an eye.

By getting Lab Ops trained I can eventually at some point soon also learn Advance Laboratory Operations to help get more material research slots available to do BPO research. At least for now that’s somewhat the plan along with Research Project Management.



  • Glad my advice was on the money. Connections I find work best to get the foot in the door, not so much on the rewards side of the house.



  • Yeap agree there. Yet having Connection 4 will on the other side of things aid a bit in raising standings with the current corps/agent working with and other faction corps standing.

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