Quick Update: Hey Where are You!

Hmm lets see. Last week I had the case of massive Migraine attack and a bit different then usual in the past. I get them rarely but severely when get an onset. Thus slept allot last week and needless to say keeping up with blog was last on my mind and barely logged into EVE  all that much either.

Never really visit the doctor for anything but did on Tuesday. Doc says ok and based on health history just a different kind of Migraine than usual. Gave me a prescription based on my infrequency but severity of Migraine and 9 pills at the pharmacy without health insurance cost $200. WOW!! How the hell did I know that? I forgot my own health insurance prescription card at home, duhh!  I never ever go to the doctor so barely have a good reason to carry it around with me. Anyway after two and a half weeks of enduring an unusual Migraine it slowly went away. Well at least it seems so.

As well last week I had picked up 2 games I had mentioned some time ago I was looking forward to. Picked up Civilization 5 and Final Fantasy CE version which had on order. Didn’t have time to install either of them till mid weekend.

I’m a fan of Final Fantasy the Playstation game. Hell the reason years ago when Playstation first came on the market the reason I bought one was that you could get Final Fantasy which I turned out to like and was the first console or PC RPG game I ever played. I’ve played ever single Playstation FF game since. Got FF CE installed. Tried to set up an account the process was unbearable long at Square Enix to go thru. Finally got to the game, played it for about roughly 6hrs mostly running around trying to figure things out or where to go. Figured out how to finally do some guildeve quests and did about 8-10 of those just checking game play and along that point i made a choice of continuation of play. I was not really enjoying the game at all and feeling a bit disappointed so far with style of game play as well very much with the game controls. So I logged off game, logged onto my new Square Enix account for FF and discontinued subscription. As well completely deleted my account being. End of story!!!

So finally got around to playing Civilization 5. I’ve played most the previous Civ’s. It was really enjoyable the new game. Played through all the tutorials to catch up since last time played the game which was awhile. The game is quite addictive fun and addictive enough that  just going One – More – Turn playing the game can last for hours literally. I’m not writing any reviews. You can go over to Tobold’s MMO blog and read his review from a few days ago or visit MMO Gamerchick and read hers. Both are good positive reviews on the game as well. The game is really awesome fun.

Played all the tutorials for Civ 5 the game and all went really well in helping relearn the game. Starting to play the single player mode had quite a bit of problem the DirectX 10/11 mode of play which affects the video display setting of the game. You would end up getting quite a bit of game crashes, freezes, try to save a fairy new saved game and it would lockup or crash etc. You can play Civ 5 in DirextX 9 mode and DirectX 10/11 mode with DirextX 10/11 mode the recommended mode of play. The 9 version is same game with lot less better graphic. Game kept crashing into frustration that ended up going to Civ’s support forum at 2kgames. Turned out with all the threads and a specific thread there lots of players were having the same problem with DirectX 10/11 mode of play for the game with no real solution as yet but believing the cause to be DirextX 10/11 somehow.

Just by chance from something I had read something on the Civ’s forums there that prompted me to try and to update the “Video Drivers” for my barely new 4 months old MacBook Pro Laptop from going to Nvidia site since I have a Nvidia video card in my MacBook Pro. Since Civ 5 only come in Windows version was playing the game on my partition drive in Bootcamp mode with Windows 7 installed so Windows essentially. Turned out my barely new PC didn’t have the most up to date Nvidia card drivers for my video card.

Anyway after updating my Nvidia card Video Drivers to the latest drivers that fixed all my problems with Civ 5 crashing and freezing up while playing in DirectX 10/11 mode. Played several full games in Civ 5 and haven’t had any problems occur as before. So appears for me that just updating my Nvidia card “Video Drivers” fixed my problem. I posted the fix that worked for me on 2kgames site in their DirectX 10/11 site. Not sure if it fixes everyone else that’s been having similar problems as well.

Anyway been playing Civ 5 since problem free and the game is just very addicting. You can easily loose yourself playing hours on end quite oblivious to time as it is just playing one more turn of each game and just keep going till you either win or loose vs the other random empires.

Haven’t done much in EVE since last week or so besides reset skill training queue and resetting PI extractors. Having recently started playing Civ 5, i’ve lapsed quite a bit of logging into EVE to reset my PI extractors as well as check and keep up with all my Trade activities and regional trade. Yeah i’m loosing a bit of money in EVE by not checking my Trades regularly. I can live with that at the moment, playing Civ 5 is just too much fun.

One thought on “Quick Update: Hey Where are You!

  1. Haha, well, mine wasn’t so much a review but a summary of my Civ V shenanigans. It’s definitely a fun game.

    And what a shame about FF. I had been waiting to see opinions on the gameplay before I try it, and overall things don’t seem very positive. Guess I’ll have to pass on it after all.


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