Why I like EVE Online

Though I can think of quite many reasons to comment on as well could possibly make numerous blog posts just why I love this unusual game compared to many other MMO’s, I can settle on just one main reason why.

  • I find It quite exciting to survive and advance in a hostile game with its many elements set in a cold harsh unpredictable universe. Within and across the universe the challenge to me to try to not only find a way to survive, but go about finding a way to live and advance in such an exciting universe despite its cold harsh and often unforgiving unpredictable nature.

Some people may just want to play games for a good interesting challenge without a lot of handholding.



  • From what I’ve heard, no other game even comes close to approaching that stark unpredictability that the EVE online universe provides. It must be some rush to look back on each day to see how you’ve survived and what you’ve accomplished.

  • What I like about Eve so far is the complete lack of race to the endgame that there was in WoW. Oh, and that I am flying shiny space ships!

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