Putting Agent to Work

Spent the last few days at stargate jumping and route warping all over five different regions of Eden catching up on managing my trade business and inter-regional trading activities. Days were long reviewing all my various active sell orders and trying to fight the competition at various stations of trade. While conducting trade ended up visiting and searching new stations in unfamiliar regions for some new paper business to add to my trade business and courier them to my trade routes. All this activity made for many hours in warp in a fast hull. As well finally finished the needed basic training to start working with R&D Agents something I been looking forward to for some time.

Reviewing one of two NPC R&D Corps I have fairly good standing with and looking over both corps agent qualifications I decided to take up Nanite Engineering Research. So jetted off to nearby system and dropped 10 million picking up the skill book to study up real fast on the subject matter. Some extra time was spend cramming in my pod and learned enough to attain Nanite Engineering lvl 3.

From my working field mission office made one stargate jump to next door system to my main hanger station which is owned by one of my working R&D corp, Viziam. Struck up a really good and most pleasant conversation with my new lvl 3 agent as he made himself available for research activities. Cutting to the chase of things as I promptly put him to work for me researching Nanite Engineering. I was notified that based on my current qualifications I would receive 45.72 research points a day.

Woot!! The era of Research activities has began in my short career in New Eden. For some reason I’m quite excited about that.


  • Train Nanite Engineering to level 4, you will be pleasently suprised at the boost in RP/Day. Welcome to free ISK land mate.



  • I was planning to train Nanite Engineering to lvl 4 but wanted to get it to lvl 3 quickly at least in a few short hrs to at least start the R&D process with the lvl 3 Viziam agent.

    The other thing is that Viziam is a very small Amarrian R&D Corp and the highest R&D Agent they have is a lvl 3 which one of the agents thats now doing research for me. One the reason I trained to lvl 3 quickly as well.

    What i was somewhat unsure of though was if I did train Nanite Engineering to lvl 4 skill wise if that still made as much difference as it normally would only being able to work for the lvl 3 agent which is the highest R&D agent Viziam has. And only one of the 2 R&D Corps I have very good standing with so far that between then does Nanite Engineering also.

  • So with one of my hauling alts I get 31.4 RP/Day from a level 1 Q 14 agent with the research schience skill at level 4. At level 3 I got 19.3 RP/Day with the same alt and agent.

    Same with my main industry pilot. It was about a 50% gain in RP/Day going from level 3 to level 4 in the science skill being researched.

    Worth an extra few days no?



  • The logic there is convincing and obvious in numbers to me in that lvl 4 is a huge bump in RP over 3 for some reason and that its worth it. That is a huge difference! Yeap worth a few extra days really I can clearly see, lol.

    Thanks for good logic 🙂

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