I’m Just Amazed

Play schedule has been really light this weekend, work! I didn’t have much blogs with enough new or good old content I can really find to devour in my voracious EVE reading habit. Many the good blogs I’ve literally read their entire content. Not all that much to read or updated blogs. So spend some time on my IPhone during the slow time at work cruising the EVE Forums and reading through the Science & Industry as well Market Discussions forums. Lots of interesting stuff to read especially since  I never usually spend much time on the forums before. Just a few times here and there.

Being a trader myself and having an interest in the market and selling stuff, read a lot of the Market Discussion forum. I’m just amazed at the amount of player driven IPO’s, capitalization, banking, new investments bonds and all the financial scamming that goes on reading the Market Discussion forum or MD forum. Yet people keep handing their money over to some legitimate yet the vast amount seem often to be elaborate scams and end up loosing lots of money. I just find all this stuff interesting reading.

Then was quite shockingly amazed having come across the Titans4U investment thread by Bad Bobby only to read and find out in another thread among several and reading the last 15 pages of a thread that he recently stole all the investments funds. A full set of Titan BPO’s, copies  and all the investment money worth some 850 billion ISK in one the biggest EVE scheme ever. I was like Wow! I was just amazed someone can pull of such an epic grand theft. Yet seem like every week either hear or read of something like that in EVE. But was even more amazed that so many players as willing investors had so much play money sitting around to invest in funds, IPO’s, banks, bonds and such things and willingly to hand over billion and billion to scams gone bad and in Titans4U case now stolen funds.

Totally blows my mind! Hopefully you didn’t any your money or did you?

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