Exploration Buzzard Ship

Buzzard ship Shadow fitting:

High slot

Med slot

Low slot

Plan is to use my Buzzard just for scanning, exploration and scouting needs. No plans to put ship in harm’s way of unnecessary combat in exploration sites. I can do that in another ship as needed. But if I can crack something open in high sec while exploring then all good.

Only just recently learned Covert Ops 4. I’ll have to train Covert Ops 5 at some point to lower the capacitor energy being used by the Covert Ops Cloaking Device to down to 0 which should make a bit more difference in available capacitor reserves. As well for Astrometric probing. Chances are I’ll never be using all those modules ever at same time so should be ok on current capacitor. Will be training to be able to a Tech II Afterburner at some point as soon as can get around to it.

I’m unsure if its better to just use 2 Nanofiber Internal Structures II vs also using an Inertia Stabilizer II. I have an extra Nanofiber Internal Structure II in the cargo hold just in case. If anyone knows which is a better fit please do let me know or a better fit either way.



  • If you’re planning to do much in null-sec, you’re more likely better off with a second nanofiber internal structure than an inertial stabilizer because it will increase your speed which is more important than you think in escaping bubbles. Otherwise, the inertial stabilizer will be fine.

    Also, cap stability is not as important as it seems, especially for this kind of ship. You can probably remove the cap rechargers for something to add a little to your tank — just in case you get shot at. If you expect this ship to be your analyzer/hacker, getting shot at is more likely than you think because sometimes those actions cause new spawns. Even if you can’t fit a shield extender, try a shield resistance amplifier or something.

    Looks a lot like what I came up with the first time around though.

  • Thanks Paritybit, probably won’t be heading to null-sec as much though have more a preference to visiting WH space. However never can tell why one may end up in certain places. Quite helpful suggestion and reasoning as well. I can easily add another Nanofiber module since I have a extra one sitting in the ship cargo hold as a swap out module just in case. Will see what else can fit as an option into the mid slot as well given the suggestion.


  • Heh, a little late to the game on this one, admittedly. I have basically the same fit on my Buzzard as you, but I swapped the cap relays for shield extenders for that buffer Parity was talking about. It’s actually saved me from a bomb or two while I was galavanting around low sec.

    And personally, I have two inertial stabs in the low slots, but that’s just me, I’m sure the nanos will be fine as well.

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