EVE Online update 09/10/10

Planetary Interaction

Its been somewhat a busy work week offline away from EVE but did manage to get some time in. As well its been several days to a week since last finished up down on the planets designing new planetary setup of colonies. And so far results since its been much a great improvement having several new planets to collect and produce new materials. 10 planets in total between my 2 accounts and don’t really see going much beyond that unless decide to train for Interplanetary Consolidation 5 on either or both accounts at some point. But really that’s enough planets for me to play around at this point time wise.

Since the revamp of high sec planets things have been running much better overall and with more productive planets extraction and production wise. A bit of time devoted daily to extractor resets and quickly jumping into my planet systems all within just 1-2 jumps to just do orbital launches of processed products before launchpads gets really full. A few select planets extract a lot of raw materials even while running 4 processors and have to sometime launch some amount of the raw material to customs for storage along with the processed materials.

Mostly this is a result of running 5hr extraction cycles and usually at least three 5hr cycles a day when possible and preferable for much higher extraction rates. Usually devote other times to use the Industrial hauler to do a full round of planetary pickup. Overall I find planetary interaction fun and just going out to visit my planets to haul back the processed resources. So far have yet to do much P2 processing and or move any more P1 products to market. Especially since have a bit of products sitting already on the market unsold while some players keep putting more their P1 PI products up cheaper and cheaper, which don’t help much overall trying to sell mine. I don’t sell to buy orders. So for now a bit of stockpiling of products.

Mission Running

Since devoting some degree of time to revamping planets and setting up some new ones I haven’t done any missions or even bothered much to even talk to my agent to work on R&D corp standings even though I see my agent daily working out of my mission agent space station. Its been a good bit of distraction all the same doing other things.

Trade Business

Business continue to grow slowly. Though somewhat slower in my distraction playing around with planets with more market competition to deal with. As well I’ve also decided to let some my product sell orders simply sell out over time and not to invest and restock certain items in some of my region trading stations that are selling much slower these days.

However like most things accidental in the developement of my trade business I found a new item a BPO to move. I gambled and bought 50 BPO’s spending tens of millions as stock product investment to courier move and sell across 3 regions. The product was moved and so far it has added some nice profits to my business. Though sales have been somewhat slower in one region overall I’ve made back my initial investment back already and the remaining several dozen of paper on the market will add to my profits nicely. But that’s just one of many product to add to an ever expanding amount of trade slots needing to fill with items to sell on the market.

On my very active trade account things continue to look very good for my full time trader. Skills have training learning Wholesale V which raised my trader available trade slots to some number I can’t remember. In the process of learning Wholesale V the next obvious thing to train was skills for Tycoon. Having enough profits I flew him to the school station next system over and immediately dropped 90 million ISK buying the skill book. That’s a lot of ISK for a skill book, the most on any skill book ever.

Yet I hardly thought much about spending the cash. To spend even 1/4 of that ISK amount on something else I would really have to think much about the cost. In the process of things I realized my trader had forgotten to learn Margin Trading as the only other missing trade skill. So dropped another 18 million ISK as well to pick up the skill book and immediately inject the skill to train. Since finishing up Wholesale V my trader account has quickly learned Margin Trade 3, Tycoon 3 and just 4 days from learning Tycoon 4.

Things are going well with the minor setback of 108 million ISK in injected skill training. At this point I’m starting to notice a somewhat curious challenge looking at my trader with 237 market trade slots with 120 currently trade slots currently open and a big challenge to fill them all and keep them filled. A very interesting challenge to have as a growing full time trader that will demand more time as well.


I really do enjoy exploration yet this seem to happen in cycles and mostly due to skill training and focus at the time. Anyway having recently completed training in Cloaking 4 & Covert Ops 4 that has made it possible to both use and install the Covert Ops Cloaking Device in the Buzzard without CPU problems on my exploration ship. Its been quite a while since I had bought the ships and then realized I couldn’t quite use it effectively without the cloak needing more training. So had to wait till was done with training several sets of skills to get back around to training the necessary skills. All just a time process.

I did spend some time fitting my new exploration ship. I had installed some fittings and rigs earlier in my new Buzzard while it was just sitting in my station hanger. I had installed 2 Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I into the rig slots which was fine and was there for a while. Then I decide to completely fit the ship with some Tech II fittings. Somehow for some reason installing some other Tech II modules I thought I could install some Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade II rigs as well into the Buzzard. Installing the Tech II rigs would require learning Jury Rigging 4, so spend another day and a half learning the skill. Prices in my region of TMP wasn’t all that great for Tech II rigs so I flew up to Jita checking prices and bought 2 of the Tech II rigs for 11 million ISK each. That’s 22 million total.

Flew back home decide to install the new shiny Tech II rigs. Promptly destroyed the Tech I rigs to remove them to install the new Tech II rigs. Its only at that point after actually installing one of the Tech II rigs I then realize looking at the calibration level that you can’t exactly fit 2 Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade II rigs into a Buzzard. Uhh Damm!! Double Damm!! How the hell did I miss that! So had to promptly end up destroying the newly installed Tech II rig and re-installing the Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I rigs. What a waste of a day and a half of training and 11 million ISK and time. Now If only I can sell the one Tech II rig I have left for at least or close to 22 million to recoup my foolish waste of the other destroyed rig.

After making sure my ship was fitted ok, flew around the neighborhood trying out my Buzzard ship and trying it out while doing a little exploring. After dropping some probes and not finding much. The only thing I was able to scan down was a Class 3 and Class 5 and jumped through both wormholes to check out the neighborhood cloaked. The class 5 wormhole had very interesting looking red skies probably attributing to the danger within such system. Initial d-scan didn’t reveal any tower close to the center of system where the WH entrance was just a mobile warp disruptor at some unknown location.

Played with the d-scan a reducing field of the scan and one planet seemed to be in scan range showing the mobile disruptor on scan. With a bit of apprehension decided to warp to the outer planet at 100 km. Though I had never noticed this before warping to a 100 km or any other distance it seem at a planet I landed at about 5000 km from planet. I’m not sure I understand or can figure that out but It did play a part in the other thing that happened.

Did a d-scan and only saw a few modules on scan. Figuring any deployed tower in system would be around a moon, had to find the moons around the outer planet. My overview was not setup to show moons just planets for my Scan and Probe overview. It also was not set to show tower Force Fields since well, never really looked for one before either. Adding moons to the list it showed there was just one moon around this planet and spot located the moon from the overview setting.

Warping to the planet before and landing at around 5000 km made me a bit nervous about warping to a moon with same result even cloaked and landing on top or close to a POS in Class 5 system. Well lets see what happen. I warped to a 100 km on moon cloaked and while fumbling with the UI I realized I landed very close to the moon and just like the planet before. Was just around 60 km from a large and brightly lit up POS force field with online modules the first time I had actually seen one in WH space. That thing looks HUGE! I immediately made a u-turn in the other direction cloaked at full velocity while looking at the POS from my rear.

I played with the overview setting bit toggling on and off the selection for the force field to see if it really showed up. Seems better having it selected than not at all. Checking the d-scan around the large POS with lots of anchored modules there were no ships of any kind on scan at the POS as well none seen in the system. Seems occupied but had no idea if anyone was actually home there. After almost landing fairly close to a highly defensible POS cloaked, it was time to end the trip and head home, enough playing around. WH space is just spooky enough and warping around in a Class 5 WH was overloading me with paranoia.

Class 5 Wormhole to high sec space.

Having recently completed some amount of training all focused on Covert Ops/Cloaking to a suitable level I can actually and finally devote some time to now working on skills to at least be able to work with a R&D agent. Have been missioning for a R&D corp for some time now and can’t access any the R&D agents. So started working on training Engineering 5, that not only will help for R&D but also give me a little bit more power for my ship power grid especially for Amarrian power hungry ships.

2 thoughts on “EVE Online update 09/10/10

  1. Just a couple thoughts:

    1) If you can at all avoid exporting the planetary resources before they get processed, do so. The export fees will quickly eat into any profits that may be derived from their sales, especially if you re-import to process them. If you can’t fit another processor on the planet, consider letting the existing processors work through your backlog of resources, OR just take the exported resource to market directly [not sure how well it would sell though as any serious producer is not likely going to pay 3 times for a resource – 1) Your export cost, 2) Markup for the market, 3) His import cost to a planet].

    I can empathise with the situation as I have a Lava planet that produces more Felsic Magma than a whole host of processors can handle [and that is on the 96 hour extraction]. Yay wormhole planet productivity!

    2) I think you mean CPU usage on the covert ops cloak for the Buzzard. The amount of capacitor it uses is 0 and really shouldn’t affect you that way.

    3) Sorry to hear about the ordeal with the GravCap rigs. I think it is something that every CovOp pilot has at least considered, if not done. Consider checking your fits in an extra-game tool such as EVEHQ or EFT before spending the isk. This will at least give you a good idea of a) whether it will fit, b) approximately how the capacitor looks, c) any additional skills you might need and how they affect the ship and d) how much it will likely cost you to fit it the way you want.


  2. I try to avoid exporting the raw P0 resource unless i really have to. Yet if I do export the P0 material and end up hauling it then it will end up in a market sell order.

    The planets do generate some excess buildup which is what I wanted to allow for a buffer in the times that I cannot reset the extractors in high sec space due to long work days. Though the planets are setup somewhat for 23hrs cycles I actually run them on 5hr cycles when I have play time or home to build up a good amount of buffer so I can be more lax later if i don’t login or forget to reset them. Just resetting extractors 2 times in 24 hrs at 5 hrs cycles beats the 23hr cycles. I aim for 2 resets normally but I usually get 3 resets at 5hrs in 24hrs. Which does result in quite a bit of excess. However does leave me some room for days when don’t feel like logging in and have the processors humming away with enough reserves.

    Felsic Magma extracted from Lava planet is in such a low amounts extracted in high sec its just plain pittyfull. Even with a good setup on a for Felsic Magma extraction most I can get is around 220 units/23hr cycle per extractor……pittyfull in high sec. I run the planet on 5hrs cycles just to try to make headway. However that planet has just about all extractors and just 2 processors due to the extraction rate. Yeah Felsic Magma extraction in high sec is not great by a long shot.


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