Cloaking Trip Around the Neighborhood

Wormhole to J103353

Now trained in both Covert Ops and Cloaking 4 today saw flight of my new shiny Covert Ops Buzzard Tech II exploration ship “Shadow”. Was trying out and getting used to my now usable Covert Ops Cloaking Device cloaking around the neighborhood systems.

While out taking a quick trip to visit my PI colonies and just launch a few things to space in 0.5 system just 1 jump next door decided to drop a few probes for fun and see what was around. A K162 to a Class 3 Wormhole system J103352 and an outbound connection M555 to a Class 5 Wormhole system J235456 were both available to visit while testing out the newly installed, trained and usable Covert Ops Cloaking Device.

So off I went on a little trip of spooky exploration action blending into the shadows thru WH space. The new Covert Ops Cloak is really fun!


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