EVE Causality & What Motivated Me to Try Out EVE

CCP always seem to make some interesting looking trailer movies from what I’ve seen. I really like seeing them Dramiel frigate ships in the video though, those things just look soo cool with a evilistic flair, that just make me grin stupid with evil intent. Will have to buy one some day soon. I hear they cost about 60 million ISK or so. Funny! I was just thinking a few thoughts watching that video though. I like a game company that’s willing to be a bit edgy with what it promotes as acceptable game play behavior to make a game interesting and willing to put it out there in a cold harsh universe such as EVE.

Then I though hmm, they promoting corporate espionage as a career path to pull in new players/shady gamers. Could that mean that new EVE player you recruit to your corp/alliance your even more so than before will have to wonder if they a spy of some sort, shady thief or on some sleeper corporate espionage plan?

Polished video’s are really cool, I like cool space videos. Actually I like anything that deals with Cosmic Science and Cosmology. Then I was thinking when I first heard of EVE to back when it was actually 2003 when it was still in beta, life threw me a weird curve and I ended up playing another online game for a few years and in between somewhat forgot all about that space game called EVE I had heard of.

Still though I’d heard bits and pieces about EVE over the years reading gamer stuff. The only thing I even really knew about EVE was that it was a space game with space ships, it had cool space visuals, it had pirates, lots of espionage, corporations & lots of political drama, people often mined rocks in space and that was it. As much as I heard about the game in bits and pieces I still had no clue about the real game and so the game continued to elude my interest. Some misinformation there in the little I knew.

I remember at some point I was probably reading a game blog or a something and I saw this explicit video about some angry mining guy in EVE that lost his stuff which was this video.

Though not the very exact video it was the same content video with the same players and man I was in disbelief though didn’t understand it all and just fell out laughing so hard it was ridiculous. I thought that video was just pure win all over it. I thought to myself,  that game must be Nuts! Any space game that can make a player like that angry like that guy in the video I need to check that game out. That game has to be fun in some way especially to make a guy that angry or playing a cool pirate must have some evil fun factor to it.

Funny, I’m not a pirate but I finally played EVE in the end. And I didn’t even have to see some high production video to get me that excited, yet high quality video’s are also cool. It was all that video that cracked me up that got me that interested to want to know more.

I’m not sure I would really want to rule the universe as it says in the video, might be nice to be able to just pull the strings thought if one could. It really is weird though what can motivate a person to get interested in a game vs another.

And in other news finished studying away and passed the class on Covert Ops III. The Covert Ops Cloaking Device II, just doesn’t quite fit for capacitor and require a bit more skill to use, so cramming away for another day and a half learning Covert Ops IV for much better results. On the brighter side it can only help my Astrometics scanning skills even more.

One thought on “EVE Causality & What Motivated Me to Try Out EVE

  1. I remember watching that video back when I first started EVE, and not understanding most of what was going on (e.g. the low security systems etc). I thought the guys that killed him were being real jerks. LOL.
    Now I look back on it quite differently…


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