Game Plans

Tobold over on his blog ask two questions today in one his blog posts. What are you currently playing and what are your plans for the months to come? Nice question entering the fall 2010 period and with many games on the horizon to possibly check out. That’s if they have Mac versions of the games I should rather say as well.

I started the year still playing World of Warcraft which had been playing for several years. I got tired, bored, lost interest and eventually dropped it completely cold turkey somewhere in the first quarter of 2010. I eventually picked up STO at launched and cruised to the max level as an Admiral, then wasn’t much else to do after getting there content wise. Though the space combat was fun got bored with the game and just stopped playing due to content. Needing something more challenging with deeper level of interest and complication for my fun habit I picked up EVE Online. Had been meaning to try out EVE for almost seven years and finally did. It a much different game than I ever thought it was. Actually enjoyed playing EVE with it depth of game play, environment and complication. So the current game I’m playing is EVE Online and will probably be playing it for the rest of the year.

Looking forward to the rest of the fall 2010 season and beyond there are lots of game that looks interesting or peak my interest. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm from Blizzard obvious. A bit hard to not play it in some way or just casually having played it since Burning Crusade.  Then there is Guild Wars 2 that looks really interesting so far and curious enough to try it out to add more variety to my game play experience and not afraid to try out other games. Will probably try out Final Fantasy XIV as well out of curiosity and game play. FF was the very first RPG, Playstation and console game I ever played and played all of the console game series, so have some interest in trying out the game as a MMORPG.

I’m also very much looking forward to Sid Meier’s Civilization V. I really like strategy games and have played most of the previous versions of Civilization and a game I really enjoy. So that’s a game I’m sure to buy and play. There are lots and lots of other games to be released soon and may try out a few for some variety if they are any good for cheap entertainment.

To me what the MMO market need is very good healthy dose of competition with new game developement and quality release of game and content both. But when so many game studios make average, subpar and release half done games its sometimes hard to have really good game choices to play or willing to subscribe to.


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