Duplicating PIanetary Designs

Lava Planet redesigned 1940 km Radius - Heavy Metal extraction. Advance CC module deployed.

Ocean Planet 10500 km Radius - Aqueous Solution extraction. Advance CC module deployed.

Continued on revamping all my planetary colonies as well as setting up a few colonies for my trader account that has the same level of PI skills. So that’s makes a total of 10 planets which is allot to play around with.

Even just revamping planetary setup to move them to better spots and redesigning the pins I continue to figure out new things with my planetary setups.

Barren Planet 4410 km Radius - Base Metal extraction. Advance CC module deployed.

Temperate Planet 8140 km Radius - Carbon Compounds extraction. Advance CC module deployed.

As well making adjustments on pin placement to creep toward the real hot spots on pin layouts. Overall I’m happy with the duplicate pin designs making adjustments to extractor/processor ratio as needed depending on planet size and resource concentration in an area which affects extractor cycle rates.

Was kinda concerned how the pin design layouts would come out and change with the varying planet radius sizes. Have had to make some minor adjustments on 2 planets I recently setup that was extracting more raw resource on a 23 hr cycle than I anticipated filling up the launchpad storage. Fortunately its easier to remove an extractor and add a processor than the other way around considering the tight setup with very low extra power left over from CC module..

On several of my high sec planet setup have was able to get 4 smooth running processors with 15-16 extractors running on 23 hr cycle placed in very good spots on planet. Usually I could setup 3 processors at least but 4 processors was much better when it worked out. Hey not as great as doing PI in 0.0 space with much richer planets but I’m happy with it for now on how things have turned out. It’s much better and efficient than previous planetary setup and now much more productive as well with a few more planets processing material. Most my planetary colonies are only one jump away from my home system and the furthest planet at 3 jumps so being easy to get to for pickups is a bit convenient with not much hassle.

Revamping  and redesigning the planetary designs for efficiency and productivity wasn’t all that hard. However remote scanning planets in 4 different system and looking at each planetary resource scans was a bit time consuming comparing one planet to another to guess which planet based on scan had the best concentration of resources to set up on. That consumed a bit of time, however it did help to have overall better planet setups which was a goal.

In other news finally finished learning Cloaking 4 which will help with being able to install a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II in my Tech II Buzzard exploration ship. A little time spent brushing up on an advance learning skill for several hours and will over the next 24 hrs be working on Covert Ops 3. Things happen slowly but I can see the wheels of progress turning.



  • With Cloaking 4 you’re on your way to being able to fly a Transport.

    Then you could move your PI to nullsec.

    That’s what I do, I have a spot a couple of jumps past a gateway system where I do my PI. To reduce the number of runs I produce P2 – it’s less bulky. I figured this was a good idea after I lost a Prowler because the locals saw me go, come back and set up a camp as I went for the second time.

    As long as you don’t provide clues like that it’s pretty safe. I run them twice a day and fill up about once per 10 days. 5 hour cycles pull about 3k per 30 mins on each extractor.

  • Looking forward to flying a Transport someday so be a while getting there.

    Running PI in low sec, null sec space/WH space is a possibility at some point as other skills catch up. Yeah 5 hrs cycles at 3K units surely beats the current 5 or even 23 hrs cycles in high sec space on extractors since barely even get half that on my very best planet setup on comparable cycle.

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