New EVE Online Guide for EVE Newbies and Veterans

I saw a link to this guide over at Dense Veldspar earlier and then was doing some MMO reading over at Massively and saw a posting last night about this new EVE Online guide catered mostly to newbies and to veteran players of the game: Industrial Sized Knowledgebase ISK 2.0Ultimate guide to EVE Online and almost everything about EVE Online. It was originally written and translated from hungarian to an english version.

Downloaded it and looks like a fair bit of reading at over 400 pages but a very well done comprehensive  and artful guide it seems for those new EVE beginner players and those getting settled into EVE. As well good informative reading as well for some older players covering all aspects of EVE life. It’s downloadable for free in PDF and Zip files and worth downloading to read.

Very good reading it seems. More nuggets of knowledge can’t hurt learning something new especially a game like EVE. Not a bad link to a very nice guide to have around to point to for all your newbie friends starting out in EVE to help them get up to speed on things. The wall of knowledge to climb starting out is already high enough to overcome before most new players give up and quit as it is. A good comprehensive guide like this can most certainly help a long way. Enjoy all the colorful art and reading, especially if you’re a newbie. Get it!



  • Wow, that’s awesome. I wish I had something like this when I was just starting out, would have helped a lot I think. Going to bookmark the page anyway, for the future.

  • The guide is a very good guide and can certainly help immensely at any point in the future and if you ever decide to give EVE a whirl again. As well for anyone new starting out. I’ll be reading it myself. From what i read it took a bit of collaboration and over quite a long time to put together. I linked it in my little blog guide section.

    • Given that it’s a collaboration and it took a long time, I think it’s really cool of them to offer it for free too. Mad props.

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