Designing New Planetary Colonies

Lava Planet Scanning for Felsic Magma

Recently finished some training to improve Planetary Management skills to all lvl 4 skills so now able to set up colony on a new planet as well as work on redesigning all my current planets. Also able to upgrade to using a new Advance Command Center module. Mostly just doing  extraction and P1 processing of raw materials. Have been wanting to revamp some my current planets to trying out a new pin design, so decided to play around trying it out setting up a new planet in high sec in a close by 0.5 system where I also have a planet already.

Making Hexagon pin design in scan spot
Just adding to Hexagon shape

Scan for Felsic Magma on a small Lava Planet. Not much for white spots on Felsic scans but moved the scan bar to the right and slowly moved it to the left till barely got a red spot then rechecked the entire planet to make sure it was the best warm/scan spot on the entire planet entire.

Once that looked good continued to move the scan to the left to continue to warm up the scan spot, rechecked planet again. Looked good and dropped my Command Center (CC) to where I wanted it. You can drop a CC  anywhere but I dropped it where I wanted it marking my spot. Flew back to station just a mere few quick jumps away. Later at station via planetary mode started figuring out my new design. Ever seen the CCP Games Logo? It looks like planetary pins in the logo in a hexagon design. Looks pretty efficient.

Carefully placing pins
looks like three joined Hexagons

So played around moving pins slightly to get them really close to form hexagon shapes. When pins are really close to each other they fade out and cannot be placed. But move them real slightly away from each other and they light up and that’s when I placed them. This should save me as much MW connecting all the pins distance wise.

Eventually it all takes shape within my planet scanned resource spot for Felsic Magma extraction.

Felsic Magma extraction for Silicon Production

Funny how that shape turned out in the end (looks like triangles) but you can still see the base hexagon shapes that form the new pin design. Turned out well for  a very small Larva Planet at 1940km radius. Pin and power connection seemed efficient as I only had a slim total of just 4 MW to space for connections.

Their isn’t a lot of Felsic Magma in resource quantity as compared to many the other resource you can extract from most planet in much larger quantities. So only needed 2 basic processors for my new high sec setup. After doing a bit of clicks priming the extractors to run for 30 mins to get enough materials in the launchpad to eventually get the processors going I then set extractors for 5 hrs to get my new colony humming away making Silicon. That makes my 5th planet. Now I just need to overhaul the first 4 with a new CC and design.

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