The Trader

My Other Full Trader

Will be a slow week at the field office till the weekend while burn the midnight oil at work.

I started my Trader account off giving him 1 Million dollars as seed money to spend however he wanted and that’s all he ever got. Rest he had to spend, buy, invest and train skills with as needed with the money he had. That’s also including buying and skill training on a full set of learning and advance learning skills all with his own money. All the training skills he bought himself and quite expensive skills. To do really good trading all those skills are quite valuable to have to run a good business to profit from and reach across entire region and manipulate prices.

He’s working on Wholesale 5, so about 13 and a half days left to train for another 16 trading slots I think it is which should give 141 or so trading slots. At that point he’ll have to pony up 90 Million ISK of his own money with some mild heartburn to buy and  start learning Tycoon trading skills as the very last Trade skill set for even more potential trading power as a trained trader.


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