5 Million Skill Points and Growing

Marks a bit of a milestone so far in my young adventure as a capsuleer living in New Eden playing EVE Online. Its about 5.3 Million skill points to be more precise but who cares in such fine number details. And though at time all the various skill training and point accumulation as a result can seem slow to any new player or a still fairly new player like me a mere 4 months into my EVE Online journey compared to EVE veterans I can clearly see the result and effectiveness of all that training. I can see it in the steady daily/weekly progress that results from studying away in my capsuleer’s pod often while plugged into numerous ships and at the same time multi- tasking doing numerous things warping around New Eden that constantly seem to be getting easier to do or gain some measure of results from all that training. However still a long way to go as the universe of EVE is quite vast with many things to learn and gain some measure of skill and experience at.

I didn’t report much over some days to my daily field office due to other pressing matters in the other realm called real life. However for the most part of things a great amount of time with more regularity have been spend working my various usual agents and with NPC Corp. A long way back before starting playing EVE but around the time thinking about it I was actively reading a lot of EVE bloggers content dead blogs and alive ones reading lots and lots of blogs out of pure curiosity and fascination with the game and life activities of players. I was reading some blog and came across a link to a mining guide by Halada on the blog I was reading. This eventually turned out to be a very popular guide I eventually learned. As well it had links in the guide to some other player written PDF about Exploration in EVE which caught my instant interest reading it. Being a person to follow links and love reading guides for knowledge I downloaded and read the whole thing which I often call reading and accelerated learning. Understood quite a bit, though not everything of the guide. But a sections covered on Manufacturing, Invention and R&D was lightly covered and appealing to me learning about things you could do in EVE. It seemed quite complex enough to be equally fascinating looking for a game challenge after playing World of Warcraft and STO in a universe of space ships and destruction. One of my future goals starting out was to possibly get into R&D at some point when I got around to focusing on training the skills.

However in the mean time until I got around to dedicating the skill training time to it fully I would start of my adventures in missioning by specifically seeking out and working for a R&D Corp when I got to it. Doing some bit of research back then I found their were several select corps among the various empires of EVE. I found 4 main NPC Corps that were of Amarrian origin or affiliated and started working or doing missions for a small local NPC Corp called Viziam to raise my standing to eventually at some point get into the R&D business of things. So for a while now have been busy running missions for various agents for Viziam Corp raising my standing up to just above 5.0 currently where I have fairly good corp standing and access to high level 3 quality 18 agent for missions. Access to a agent whom I have run numerous missions for though one that still have some bit of aggressive anger tendencies towards me. My trained skills in Diplomacy barely raised my standing with the agent above 1.0.

No wonder she had blew a gasket and got angry some time ago when I had dropped a mission some time ago. However have access to good lvl 3 R&D for future prospects. Viziam is a very small Amarrian R&D Corp and looking at future prospects don’t have any lvl 4 agents currently. So considering my options in diversifying as well I had decided to contact and work for another Amarrian R&D Corp.

So several days ago I sought out and contacted a new agent and started working my Carthum Conglomerate another Amarrian R&D Corp and a much larger NPC Corp having numerous agents and good lvl 4 agents. It also helped that Carthum Conglomerate has a station and HQ right next door in next system to my office at my Viziam owned station. As well a system I actively run trade routes through and frequently warp through daily. Very convenient and great since starting work with Carthum Conglomerate I have immediate access to a low quality lvl 3 agent. Much better than starting with a lvl 1 agent. Thinking about it helped that I have good standing at least with my current empire as well having done all those starter tutorial missions way back then and have fairly good social skill with Connections skill trained at least which bump up my standing with agent and corp.

For the last few days starting with an actual Carthum Conglomerate standing of around 1.21 have been steadily working with my admin agent running lvl 3 missions in and around the local system slowly raising my standings with the occasional storyline missions dropping in every 15-16 missions to give me a very good bump in standing with empire and various other factions. To which I have slowly raised my standings up to about 3.33 and still locked in a tight grip working with my same agent and probably will for a good while longer as well till my actual corp standing with Carthum or empire faction is high enough to allow working with a different higher lvl corp agent. But the current plan is going well to raise my standing with this R&D corp for my future prospects in R&D when I get around to it eventually since when I get around to it I will already have access to good working agents of quality having build up corp standings.

Didn’t take much to just fly next door to my agent or temporarily to set up working field office there at the agent mission hub. Afterall its a system I frequent and have assets already in. A few of my planets are even located there in the system so lots of convenient factors. But as with most missions I do which seem to becoming standard I moved my Harbinger Battlecruiser there along with my salvaging Coercer destroyer ship “The Cleaner” and a Industrial Sigil all from just one system away. Salvaging ship gives me the convenience of continuing to salvaging my own missions for increase profitability as I like nothing better than ripping circuits out of wreckage like presents and my Industrial to run the occasional courier missions. As a result I got lots and lots of Industrial ships as assets sitting in mission hubs all over the place in missions hubs for convenience. With lots of missions now have a station filled of modules and circuits. Circuits I normally use to make Rigs, mostly small ones though that I can use to easily fit for my own ship needs and supply or sell if the price if right on my trade routes along with the salvaged modules. But I usually save the circuits for some form of manufacturing use of which I have quite allot.

Corp life is going well and my current corp is growing as well slowly and seems to be a very good helpful corp and quite an active one in various aspects of Industry, PvE missioning and PvP both. A good mix it seems. They also seem to be newly involved in venturing into some aspect of  low class WH ops engaging in mining and sleepers for profit. I hope they don’t run into my WH friend 🙂 Being one with fairly good scanning skills and a liking for the complexities of scanning and a great interest in exploration I would fit right in as a good asset. However for the most part as it is right now, I continue to spend much and most of my time working on missions to raise my standing with Carthum.

As a result of things haven’t done  much in the realm of exploration for the a while now since last I really went scanning and exploring for fun. But my skill are intact and there is the issue to continue to work on those skills as I can get back around to them. It’s quite a bit of management and priority to schedule training of skills some lasting for a few hours to several days or well over a week. However in the exploration department of things I did take delivery to my assets of another Covert Ops Tech II Buzzard for exploration and scouting as a backup ship just in case.

Cost was cool 9 million ISK from my bid buy transaction. So that makes 2 Buzzards in my ships assets this one just a backup. I also took delivery of a new Stealth Bomber a Manticore as well at the same time which has been on bid buy order for a while now with the extra Buzzard  but got the Bomber at the cost of 11 million. A good deal I figure based on market prices. I tend to anticipate a little my ship purchase needs and just put them on bid buy order to obtain at a lower price and save me a few millions in ISK. Trading habbits i guess. I have yet to train for the Stealth Bomber as yet though, but it’s there for the future when I need it and does remind me at some point to train for piloting skills if anything but its a ship at some point I’m looking forward to flying having trained in Covert skills. My Tech II Buzzard remains grounded a bit by choice while I schedule and get back around to working on some pilot training for Cloaking skills so can actually use a Covert Ops Cloaking Device. I rather to be not seem and melded firmly into the shadows when flying the Tech II Buzzard if I can as a choice. However I have yet to fly down to the Khanid region to pick up my purchases.

Since last when I was working on the long training skills to learn Frigate V and then to learn Covert Ops ship skill training it took a while. Its a lot of management of an increasing amount of skills as well as skill training priorities. Since then have had to shift focus to my Battlecruiser skills and other combat training skills and numerous support skills to enhance ships performance skills to do level 3 missions. As result my main character trade skills has lagged quite a bit with in trade effectiveness with just 45 trade slots vs my alt trader whopping 125 trading slots.

But that has been supplemented with my active trading alt to manage a bit more of business affairs and trade expansion capabilities. Being at a confident level of PvE mission combat skills at this current point needed to shore up my lagging Planetary Interaction skills. I had initially learned some the Planetary Interaction skills fairly fast right as Tyrannis was launched to just lvl 3 with the basic Planetology skill for resource survey scanning and had not had a chance to revisit and improve those skills since. PI currently is a significant source of profit and be ignorant to ignore its value to me at this point. Plus despite all the complain of clicking for PI I actually have fun with PI. As well also needed to improve the efficiency and operations of my planetary colonies based on what I have learned hands on since working with my planets.

So had to do some further training in Planetology to lvl 4 and then picking up and learning Advance Planetology to lvl 4 for better planet pinpoint scanning and the difference is obvious compared to earlier setup colony scans. As well learning Command Center Upgrade lvl 4 and Interplanetary Consolidation lvl 4 for more planet as potential profit generating centers. A bit of skill training time was devoted to that. And now having done that I made the shift to shoring up my learning skills which has been in great need of attention having all the learning skills trained to various level but much room to increase those training to further speed up the training process.

Devoted some recent amount of time getting level 4 on all the advance learning skills across the board. Now mostly completing that I can shift my training attention a bit back to a priority of training Cloaking skills up to lvl 4 to benefit operations of my Tech II Buzzard as a start to Covert Ops exploration and flight operations. After which I can spend more time and much-needed time focusing on some essential core skills training in Mechanics, Engineering as well as Science to lvl 5 so can actually start working on necessary training for the prospects of R&D and working with agent. However some degree of time to work on core skills to make them much stronger vs stretched thin in lots of skill without great depth of skills for very good overall ship effectiveness.

That has somewhat been the rough plan for some time. Working on the skills for Stealth Bomber will remain a bit long-range to other skill training priority but not an immediate concern. I actually like smaller ships so a interceptor and a assault ship training eventually will be nice as well. My Punisher ship remain my all around favorite since I flew that ship for almost my first 90 days in EVE as well as missioned in that same ship from lvl 1 to starting lvl 3 missions. However do have most the skill book bought if and when I need to eventually work on Stealth Bomber skills. I probably have over 2 dozen skill books of various sorts waiting to be trained on in my station hangar to remind me what some my training are beyond my current skills.

One of the side effect of shopping for the Covert Ops ships while in the Khanid Kingdom region though a bit of stargate jump to and can’t seem to remember how I got there in the first place is a new trade route. Anyway I was thinking I needed to make the trip a bit more profitable while making my purchase and possible as a trade route in some way to my obvious growing skills. And so checking a bit I found a way to exploit the trade of several things.

Not having much more trade capacity but having done the checking I delegated the responsibility to my trading alt as a trade route for him to pickup with a few items in mind that clearly seem profitable to move. I find it fun making a mini game of establishing trade routes and having it being a success, yet not every idea turns out to be as successful though most do. I find it more fun that just being in a station like Jita playing 1 ISK wars which I don’t mind doing but just not that fun for me to spend my time. But one the things I like about EVE is the game is complex enough that you can learn from your mistakes and recover or even find better ideas to make back the lost potential profit. All kind of ways it seem in EVE to profit from.

One the easy solution I came up and much apart of my growing business and profit centers was exploiting the courier movement of blueprints. Nothing new to my business activities which i learned by pure accident, but then all the best things I learned to profit from happen by accident to. But running the courier blueprint business or what I call the paper business makes good use of my shuttle fleet and speedy travel in between regions to establish new interregional trade as well as checking up on things frequently. So the groundwork was set and a plan was put in motion to do some courier work and so far seems to have paid for the initial investment in paper moved. Profiting leads to funny activities such as trying to figure out what other paper can be profitable to move as well to my newest trade region via my surrogate alt.

In aspect of all things my trade business is going well. For a so called Trade Industrialist with exploration tendencies I don’t seem to do much the Industrialist  part these days. Its a concern and something as a priority to refocus on in some way. I mean I own some 70+ BPO I invested in and collected and various BPC’s bought on contracts and things to profit from and valuable ships I can make with all those prints. I have a Retriever that’s fully fitted I can I can strip mine the rocks clean for the minerals If I choose to. I usually do when I have a project in mind to manufacture some amount of good that makes it to one of my established trade station route.

But just haven’t focused on Industrial end of things all that much lately as much my time have gone into establishing trade across stations and regions and a bit of focus time missioning. However I need to do more with my few Industrial skills, it can make me more profits especially with my BPO’s just sitting in my hanger gathering dust and not manufacturing anything of profitability.

Some degree of my time I usually spend shuttling items from station to station or internationally. Managing trade in my region is fairly easy with my currently trade skills that reaches across my region to manipulate prices to daily competitive price as daily market PvP dictate such instant ability to change. Its nice to have good skills. Or the new-found trick of when traveling up to Jita or Caldari space to tend to my few trades and pickup items I have to do while there every so often that while in warp with my market screen up I can be passing through a different region via way of travel route and for that leg of warp flight can usually check or adjust an item price as needed before reach the next stargate in flight. Drive by trading. But a lot of inventory remain on the market to sell and making progress with trading. At some point I hope that I can actually make some improvement in main character trade skills when management of skills allows me time to do so. However in the mean time I have my trading alt.

Having trained up the various skills in Planet Interaction the plan is to massively overhaul all current planets to a new design and moving them mostly to a new 0.5 system just 2 stargate jumps away and in a fairly familiar system if possible. Low sec PI just remain too much a hassle to deal with on a daily basis, so choose not to entertain the thought at this point if any. Having done some planet scouting I’ve taken lots of planetary resource scans and have to look over the data to determine which planet to move extraction to that’s more profitable based on scan results and modify my pin designs to a more efficient design to increase extraction and process rates. This should boost my profitability from PI.

Reaching 20, 30, 50 million skill point which many long time EVE playing Vets can seem to have seems an eternity away. I worry about the skills I have currently and whats available to train if possible. But with daily studying and learning and increase in skill training and with just 5 million skill points you can do and achieve allot.

It was nice checking my combined wallet from activities and some regent added gains from missioning my combined wallet with my alt is now up to 580 million. Profit keeps growing. As the ISK or money grows it seem to have the ability to grown in ways it can find ways to make more profit. Yet I’m looking for some lucrative way to multiply my money. However making slow money seems good and will keep at it for reasonable gains. With that I spend 33 million today the most I ever spent in the courier section of my business on paper to move them to 4 of my trading regions at my established trade stations there. If my trade gamble pays off it would be a nice sizable increase in profits for my courier enterprise and on my growing trade route activities. I don’t mind doing the work if I can find a way to make a profit out of it. I just find a way to have fun doing it.

Since I haven’t gone broke trading I consider that a good thing of soon possibly reaching a Billion ISK sometime soon.

One thought on “5 Million Skill Points and Growing

  1. Ah, the young capsuleer. I remember when I thought that Frigate V was a long skill to train. I think EVE causes time-dilation. The longer you play the more reasonable 30+ day skills become.


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