Profits Are Up

It wasn’t long ago I passed my fist 100M actual Wallet balance in EVE. Well just been busy running my trade routes doing blueprint courier runs to supply my station trading routes, bid buying and selling inventory as well trading in the higher education business and various other things for profit. As well been selling a bit of Planetary Interaction P1 products which has been selling a bit of lately for good profit.

Seems things are going well as profits are up and expenses are low and just passed 425M in combined Wallet balance as my 2nd account who is just a full time trader gets up to speed. He now has all the trading skills trained high enough to have Wholesale IV with allows quite a bit of trading with 125 maximum slots so far. Instead of having him spend 20 days or so learning Wholesale V at which point I’ll have to spend a whopping 90M to buy the skill book for “Tycoon” trading I’ve sent him on a PI training project.

I sent my alt trader on another task to skill train up to lvl 4 in PI skills so he can have more valuable things to fill up his trade market slots and so far he’s doing very good on that as he should finish Interplanetary Consolidation lvl 4 training in just about a day. At which point he can invest and drop a few Advanced CC modules in a scouted 0.5 system, design some planetary pins to harvest planetary resources and make some more planetary profits which also seem to be increasing lately. Things are looking good in the profit department as long as can keeping my expenses fairly low other than small few expenses.


One comment

  • ISK makes ISK. May the profits keep rolling in.

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