Patch: Finally A Fix

Well the servers just went down and finally glad that I’m getting my in game EVE Mail fixed for my Mac PC client running EVE. Haven’t been able to access in game mail for over a month  now due to “Cache Errors” due to a bug while all my in game mail stacks up. Several GM’s had said a fix was in the works since reported it numerous times over a month ago and sure many others did as well playing on a Mac, but didn’t think it would have took this long. I had heard recently I could have used the new EVE Gate email system, but I choose not to be bothered at this point with it. I rather have my in game mail fixed.

Glad as well they getting some other EVE Mac PC client bugs fixed. I’ve been having my share of quite numerous nasty crashes and lockups on my EVE client. Yeah Steve Jobs will be happy of course. Less bugs are good for smoother game play. They should really fix that Stargate jump bug I get quite frequently where you crash after you initiate a jump and arriving on the other side of the Stargate and crash. That’s not fun at all. Even worse if it happens in the wrong place. Just some bugs that happen in game i’ve experienced since Tyrannis.

Some bugs are funny and need to be fixed as well, like the PI bug that gives me 10 free Nanites in my launchpad every time the server restarts though I’m not currently producing any Nanites at all. I do have an Advance Processor that’s been idle for some time and the last thing it produced was in fact Nanites and the schematic is still set to produce Nanites. Will happily take 10 free Nanites while that processors stay idle. Bugs!

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