Activity, Consistency and Recent Events

I’ve just been both busy and tired mostly the last several days working the entire weekend in real life so I haven’t really done much in EVE logging in. Though I’ve logged in daily its been mostly to do management activities of character such as checking skill status and what needs to be queued for training if anything, checking status of my growing trade mini empire and reviewing competitive status on regional trade orders and if have enough time visit a few my other trading regions/stations to check order status. As well maintaining oversight of my planetary colonies (PI) resetting extractors and performing transfers and orbital launches. Just the stuff I stick to doing when really don’t have much time to play on long work days like last few days which can seem to suck the life out me. Other things can seem much better to do like.. Sleep.

So knowing full well when I needed to log on and reset my planetary extractors in last few days at times I’ve ignored it and choose to stay crashed out on my couch in favor of sleep for very early morning commute at times that no human needs to be awake. Life! Needless to say trying to get into the right frame of mind to make a blog post at such time, hmm not going to happen either. So I can clearly say at times when there are gaps of days in my posting often I’m just too tired to write which takes a bit of time and often the right frame of mind. However I did continue to work on my accelerated learning program continuing to consume allot of blog content as a usual habbit. Will talk about that sometimes in the future.


Though I’ve never mentioned it, I’ve been working my way back to been a more consistent day to day blogger on my game activities and adventure both. It’s a very tough task to blog on a daily habit living life, but I did it before for a while when I was deep in playing World of Warcraft. So its been a personal goal in my mine to get back to a form of consistency in my blogging habit which is tied very much to my game activities, especially since I’m getting deeper into EVE. So I’ve been working on that. And though at times I do get tired due to work and not really in the mood either for game or blog at times, I  can still find the time to commit to a more consistent pace of writing of my adventures as a routine. The commitment and challenge are my own personal goal and will take some time to reach back to a pace I’ve been before. It remain challenging at best.

Crossroads of EVE Corporate life

I’ve commended before of the unusual quietness and lack of overall member activity in my Corporation for what seem like some time, unusual in nature compared to previously as it was and as I knew it to be. I tried to write about It as  I’m currently writing this and it didn’t seem to make much sense trying to explain my reasons why and what lead up to it so you would understand in some way. And since it was kinda long to explain it didn’t make much sense and so I didn’t think it would make all that much sense to you either. So maybe I try again formulating my thoughts…

However its been a while and my corp been uncharacteristically quiet for most our older members which wasn’t that many, most active being a few new members that were recruited and myself lately. Our Corp CEO seem to have been absent though still active much, a bit unusual. One our veteran members had left which was a concern. Though had no idea why and I really didn’t ask because such is not normally my nature to ask when others decide to move on, its their business. Yet the corp continue to also feel different as well day-to-day in my perception of things. One of our 2 most active senior directors who were a married couple  and who I considered friends also had left the corp, though I was a bit unaware of this.

It didn’t help that my in-game email wasn’t working as of recent “cache errors” and had reported it as a bug affecting my Mac PC client. A GM reported that it’s a bug and a fix is in the works soon though exactly unknown when. So i live with that as it is. My in game emails were and continue to stack up as it is. So any corporate communications that I may or needed to know, I remained unaware unless its something seen in corp chat.

My Corp CEO recently always seemed to be absent more often than what I felt was his normal or usual logging in and out and never seemingly on for any length of time or to have any meaningful conversation assuming I even started one. Not much ever seem to be communicated or was and just felt unusual as if I was completely missing something that I should have been aware of. Days seem to go by like this which I previously mentioned in my day-to-day activities as being unusually quiet days in my Corp while I just continued on my day-to-day activities; keeping busy running my trade routes doing personal courier deliveries across regions or just busy running missions and such things or busy managing my planets and hauling resources. At times I felt like I was left all alone in my Corp with the few regular new members to converse with or helping wherever I can. My CEO never seemed to be around and more absent than usual not having any clue of what was up.

At some point I decided considering everything as it was that something was going on here and that I may need to consider joining another Corp. My corp friend that was previously the director couple that had left the corp had formed his own corp, which I was not to aware of initially. At some point I did. I never saw his other half log on and haven’t since on her character that I knew of. Just saying that as an observance! However we always greeted each other in friendly chat and he invited me to his new corp public chat that he had on his other character that I had known vaguely he logged on as before. He expressed he was going to quit EVE and take a break. I was quite surprised! I asked why, whats up? He expressed in some way wondering in my unawareness of things. He asked of my Corp CEO somewhat wired activity level. I expressed something seem quite unusual lately. He expressed that him and my Corp CEO had some major falling out. Hmm, that’s big news to me. Based on my Corp experience him and my Corp CEO were friends tight like 2 coats of paint. And based on the conversation we had indicated they had a Major falling out and was very upsetting and based on my corp experience with him that was quite unusual and obvious. About what I had absolutely no clue. I didn’t ask, anything more than was said voluntary to me and I left it at that.

So I can considered a thousand thoughts of what can cause such a falling out between two grown men. They both often blew up each other ships in normal play and that was never a source of falling out often and frequently he would have some expensive ship blown up by our Corp CEO and seemed ok in friendly combat. That was usual, frequent and normal of them both. And being one myself  I considered the recent history of things as well the activity of some others and my corp friend other half among all things. Just saying, I didn’t ask. I was already previously considering my options to look for another corp. And in a way at this point my option was solidified in making a choice of actions.

I hate drama!

So for the next day or so in a way I decided to look for a new Corp. And corp activities didn’t change much beyond what was already the usual. Being quite familiar with the use of the in game UI Neocom I accessed the Corporation listing and casually took my time looking for a new potential corporation filtering down the list of corps that actively seemed to advertise in my region of TMP. To my surprise it wasn’t that many that actively did or seemed to. As I filtered the list down based on what I considered in my mind a small/mid size active corp to be somewhere between 18-35 people I filtered the list based on recruiting with or without skill points. I started at a 500 members just out of curiosity playing with the listing. I withered the list. Only EVE University mostly showed up and some other null sec Corp I remember. I dropped the member size based on the filtering, going below a 100. There wasn’t maybe 2 Corps listed besides EVE Uni. I continue to drop the list now down to within the range I figured ideal.

To my surprise dropping the list down to 15 members minimum there were only about 11 Corps  to choose from. I figured there would be much more to look through. With no real way to really tell one corp from another I read what they all had listed in their Corp Bio/info and based on eliminating PvP focused Corps and Null sec Corps I was maybe left with 3 potential Corps to choose from. Getting down to one Corp as a choice didn’t take long to consider. One corp sounded really interesting based on the various activities they engaged in as well as having taken the time to fill out their corp info to some degree and explaining things some what about what they did. The Corp I choose seemed to be engaged in various activities of Industrialism, Exploration, PVP, Mining, WH and such with more direction. Everything I have some form of interest in even though I didn’t really do much for active PvP at this time, but I can learn when I can and that’s just fine. So all good.

So I did an instant click to apply. Less than 5 minutes later I was in private convo with one of there recruiters whose name I had seen listed on their Corp info. He asked how I knew about the Corp and If I ever spent time in their public chat to get a feel for their Corp atmosphere. I said no. I said I found and choose your corp though a process of actually using the Corp listing and just doing a filtered process of elimination. I narrowed my list down to just one and theirs was the ones I felt the best about applied to. He asked a few questions, we chatted a bit.

Things seems to sound ok and worth the risk of starting a new adventure with a new Corp. Their HQ in a system close to Amarr of which I’m quite familiar with their system location and actually used to live in the same system and not too far away from my current location in TMP just a mere 6 jumps or so. However they also had a second office location 2 jumps away from my location My application was accepted and I joined what seems and appears to be a much more active corp with quite a bit of active corp members covering most time zones. Some recent new players, many quite experienced and some seem like fun characters at best. All in all a nice new home moving to a new Corp. So for the last few days though I haven’t been playing much due to real life work activities, I’ve moved on to expand my experiences with a new Corp in EVE. As to what was the reason for my friend a previous director of my old corp and previous CEO major fallout I would never know and actually I don’t care to know or ask. I can let my mind speculate and run wild. But I don’t need the drama or wanting to be feel to be involved in any way either. So i have moved on and thats the end of it, my reasons and whatever.

More interesting times ahead awaits for continued adventure in EVE. In other news today though Monday is actually Friday for me. Yeahhh!



  • It seemed rather obvious that sooner or later you were going to change as a line like “not much going on the corp” kept repeating itself.

    In my opinion you made the right choice to switch corps and from the sound of it you seem to be in a nice one, although only time can tell ofc.

    GL & HF in there!

  • In real life as in games I think it’s best to stay on the fence when other people argue. It’s not your problem, don’t sweat it, stay friends with both of them and say hi to them from time to time.

    It’s rarely possible to solve someone else’s argument for them.

    Good decision jumping ship. In your new corp see how active and enthusiastic your CEO is. Without a CEO who a) talks a lot and b) is on a lot any corp is doomed to mediocrity.

  • The new Corp is much much more active across all time zones with members so a good thing. Feels much better overall as well as a corp community.

    New Experiences so all good.

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