EVE Quarterly Economic Newsletter Is Out

If you miss the fact that EVE 2nd Quarterly Economic Newsletter (QEN) is out you can find it at the link for your reading pleasure. I enjoy reading the previous one as a young Trader and Industrialist since It came out right around the time when I was starting to play the game. I had found it a fascinating read on the inner working of the game starting out since no matter the MMO I like playing the Economic game itself whatever the MMO.

That helped me early on get some knowledge, perspective and sense of whats at work at the heart of the EVE economic engine, what drives it and what players are doing across the entire game universe that’s having ever bit the impact on the economy with CCP’s own stats. As well it helps me more to understand the game that I play in a big way. After all my character is a Trader, pays to read and research available information. As well making sense of good information can help allot in the business of Trade and Industrialization.

Still reading my download with coffee in hand and will for a little while so haven’t finished reading it in segments. Just one of ¬†the neat things I really like about EVE in CCP lead Economist (actual PHD) publishing a quarterly economic report for the benefit of it players to sum up game and economic activities for all to see and dissect. I’m not aware of any other game that does that if they actually do. But at least you aware and know where to find it in case you want to read it for your game reading pleasures.

Even if your new player to EVE Online thinking about playing EVE, it can still be an interesting read or research learning about the some the inner workings of the game and it does pay to know and learn things to ensure your own game eventual success.

Side note: EVE Forum discussion thread on the 2nd QEN.


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