Shock and Awe At 22 Billion ISK PLEX Loss & the Complete Ape Shit Coolant Market

In a story that’s seems so shocking and so Epic the whole thing should be a Legendary kill! I just still find it a bit hard to even believe in a total face palm moment thought in like WTF was you thinking moving almost 22 Billion in PLEX while under a Wardec openly outside Jita 4-4 and in a Kestrel frigate to get shot by an opposing Corp member of the Wardec in a sanctioned corporate war by Concord. Did someone lose their mind and have a total brain fart?

Jay Leno said it best in one his most famous quote “What the hell were you Thinking”? It’s just hard to swallow the loss of almost 22 Billion in PLEX (around $1300 US real money) that one player recently suffered in EVE Online. This already been posted on by Dense Veldspar, over on The Ancient Gaming Noob as well as reading it on Massively and who knows what other national news service and magazine it will end up in by the end of the week. And you can read it officially on the EVE Forum as well and in more than one places I’m sure.

Really Epic stuff happen in EVE. Reminds me of why I actually love this game because stuff like this you just unpredictable.

Can you imagine the crying that went on from that loss. Uhhh! Sickening feeling every time i think about it personally!

I know how much one PLEX is worth in game around 300 million or so plus a few million, but to get shot and lose your tin foil ship  in and around Jita 4 of all places, loosing 74 PLEX in cargo is damn MIND BLOWING LOSS. That is damn sickening loss! So much so its hard to even get over thinking about it. And the person I’m most sorry for is the Bastards that shot the Krestel pilot down in Jita and didn’t get any the loot or any the PLEX’s since they were all randomly destroyed on the dice roll. Man talk about one the biggest gank of a lifetime in EVE and you don’t even get any the loot. Wow, talk about robbed at the dice roll.

Its stomach sickening the feeling that must accompany loosing that many PLEX’s for that pilot. I find it really hard to be that sorry for the pilot. WTF was you thinking? Talk about the nerd rage and the amount of emo that must have accompanied that loss. I probably would have puked with a very sick stomach just going through that, yet probably would have known better to move that many PLEX anywhere in the open. But then again moving that many PLEX you probably want a more secure ship as well vs a frigate moving that much money and a damn lucrative target to shoot at. Especially hanging around Jita 4 which is trade central system in EVE and where all kind of pirates hang out as well at the docks.

This has to probably go down in EVE history as one the most bone headed thing to do and one the hardest in-game loss to stomach. Trully EPIC! I would have probably gone to hide under a rock with feeling as small as an amoeba after suffering a loss that sickening. I could imagine as well the player quitting in rage and the call that CCP customer service got about that.

And I can’t imagine CCP will remain silent on this kind of loss even if the player bought all the PLEX’s on the market from other players. Because I find it hard to believe one player/adult would have bought that many PLEX on their credit card from CCP and was willing against greater judgement to transport that many PLEX’s as well and through Jita or anywhere else. I more imagine what happened was that someone had 22 Billion in ISK either of their own money or their Corp/Alliance funds and bought 74 PLEX on the open market to probably trade maybe at a higher price possibly or to someone else. Because why the hell would you need to buy that many PLEX for any good reason to pay for a personal monthly game subscription.

This story is just epicly sickening! It would just be to stomach turning to log back into EVE for quite a while after something like this happened.

Forum: Guide to Creating Invulnerable PLEXs – A bit idiot proofing your PLEX activities in short.

Complete Ape shit in the Coolant Market.

Another story of the last recent week/days that’s almost as hard to wrap head around is astronomical price increases and demand with whats been happening with Planetary Interaction and in the “Coolant” product market which also been affecting Water and Electrolyte products used to make Coolant. In the last few days the market for those products has went totally off the wall to atmospheric heights. And if you happened to be selling Water and Electrolyte used to make Coolant and the demand has been so great that it has left some entire regions of EVE totally stripped of any those products left on the market with players hedging their bets big with demand high.

This reminds me much of the Internet bubble of a few years ago where the market went through the roof and eventually crashed. However this to me is one the best and most exciting thing that has happened in the PI market. I actually got to sell every bit of inventory I had in Water. Some people literally gambled huge and made Millions, Billions overnight in the Coolant market doubling and tippling the price with supplies evaporating all over the EVE universe. I’m just glad to say I sold all of the Water I had on hand and wish I had sold at doubled the price for even more profit the last few days this was playing out. I’m just waiting to see how this all will play out and what imbalance it will cause as everyone cranks up their Planets to produce Water and Electrolyte to make the Coolant and stabilize the market probably tanking the market prices in the process in oversupply and causing lower product supply in other areas.



  • Adventurer Historian

    Is there any single explanation for the rising price of coolant? There are alot of great EVE stories, but for some unknowable reason this coolant one has snagged my interest.

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  • From my view it seem like a combination of a few things in game with mostly allot of speculation gone wild causing more demand than supply issues in the market and things kinda perpetuating itself after that. Another more important thing is that Coolant is used as a POS Fuel and some other uses and players that own POS not wanting to run out of one of their fuel needs.

    Still i still find it hard to find just one reason for the run on the market with demand gone sky high or what triggered it all the run on Coolant as I myself was unaware of the market run while it was going on as a producer of one the ingredient used to make Coolant that being Water. The main and only indication a few days ago I knew anything was happening in the market was seeing a previously full market region with Water and having quite a bit of Water on the market myself and all of a sudden overnight over course of few days and entire region was wiped out clean with everything bought out and thus having sold all the Water I had up myself and wondering what the hell was going on.

    So can only speculate whatever triggered the run on coolant initially or market manipulation maybe unsure which i’m not certain of caused a bit of panic in the market. Due to the need for Coolant which has a bit of uses, people not wanting to run out probably caused a complete run on the market with more demand than supply and thus caused priced to keep going up to the point some other players panic and kept buying up everything that was left in Coolant and its subcomponents to make. I myself could barely figure it out just selling Water only. Seem like rampant speculation on a undersupply of enough Coolant on the market. I’m completely unsure of initially what triggered it all.

  • I’m pretty sure it’s mostly gambling.

    I keep a very tight eye on P4 at Jita. It’s a very sluggish market at the moment, it really depends on nullsec wars and structures getting blown up. Admittedly of the limited sales a fair amount of coolant is used.

    I don’t really believe the POS market is absorbing an enormous volume. Most POS owners had already been buying fuel from NPC vendors for some time. They knew this was coming. They stocked up.

    Very few people are putting new POSes up right now because the forums are screaming about it being a bad investment.

    Could there be an undersupply? Possibly. You can make coolant directly on Gas planets and Storm planets. Gas planets suck because planet size really matters. Links are longer and eat more grid on big planets. Storm are ok. I’d be surprised if there’s an undersupply though because there are pre-existing stockpiles.

    So we’re left with one option: clever speculation.

    I think there is a huge amount of coolant out there and a lot of clever players have set an arbitrary number like 30K and are rich enough to buy any cheaper coolant while offloading at their desired price.


    Any idea if NPC sell orders for those products are going away? Pretty good theories in that link suggest that PI items previously seeded by NPC’s will now fall upon the shoulders of the players and their PI activity.

    Gotta love the dynamic that is EVE.

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