After Effects of the Wild Coolant Market Speculation Bubble

The Last Week in the hot "Coolant" Market across my Region

As commented on in the previous blog post. About 4-5 days ago was the huge spike in “Coolant” prices and the massive run on the market of all the speculation and demand in the need to buy up lots and lots of Coolant. Coolant a advance processed product from planetary resource materials. Speculation gone wild, real demand, POS owners worried about fuel supply, advance producers worried about supply?

Sold Out! Region Wide.

Took this pic about almost and hour ago at 1800 on 08/09/10 east coast time. No Electrolyte on the market across an entire region. After effects of the Coolant demand speculation on shortages. I currently don’t have any Planets producing Electrolytes. Will have to fix that real soon.

Water + Electrolytes = Coolant. Electrolytes shortages in play across my region a continuing result and after effect of the massive buy up in prices in Coolant over last few days. Will continue to see how all this plays out in the market place and what area of PI resources it will affect next if it keeps going unless this just affecting my region only.



  • Just came across your site, you have some very good content here. Added to my RSS feed!

  • I second that!
    Well, not the RSS Feed part, but GREAT blog.. I love a good, interesting technicacl write-up!

    Keep it up and don’t suddenly decide to stop like everyone else (yeah, that’s an over-generalization, but it does seem too many of the good ones disappear and too many of the crappy ones stay forever 😉

  • Crap, fix the typo where I misspelled technical, please 😉

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