Back in Favor

Ran a bit of level 3 missions of various types for a previous lower quality production agent in next system and got my working NPC Corp standings back up enough and above 5.0 which resulted in being able to return to back to the good graces of my very high quality lvl 3 agent who recently deducted a bit of my standing with her and her NPC Corp both. All good, back in favor. Ran a few missions for my high quality agent again.

In other news someone or a few people been buying up all the “Water” produced from Planetary Interaction (PI) on the market in my region I noticed the last 2 days checking the market. A previously filled up regional market with lots of Water on the market all of sudden looked empty. As a result all the tens of thousands of Water I had on the market across 4 trading hubs in my region was all sold which netted me close to 30 million in profit. This left the Water market somewhat bare in my region. Noticing this, flew around to my Storm Planet and quickly picked up all the Water I had on planet storage and orbital customs and dropped it all on the market rising my previous price as well. Hours later, SOLD!

If only the rest of my PI P1 product inventory on the market sold of that fast suddenly and overnight among all the market competition with someone or whoever cleaning out an entire regions market overnight for who knows why.


One comment

  • There’s a run on coolant at the moment (see Eve O market boards). This is partly because it’s useful as POS fuel and P4 component and partly because speculators are buying up.

    Not long after the coolant run started people noticed a run on Electrolytes, one of the components of Coolant.

    The other component is Water.

    You can probably list it a bit higher, the price is likely to keep rising.

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