Angry Agent: Get Some More Stones..

Gallente Federation "Dominix" Battleship

Another very quiet day at the Corp. I seem to be the only one reporting to the office with any real regularity as well as burning the midnight oil working at my field office. Such seem to be the times lately within my corp. However the plan of the day today was deciding to cozy up with my very new level 3 quality: 19 agent which was moving up a bit from my level 3 Agent -15 quality agent only having to travel just one system to get there. So was trying to gain some good favor running some more level 3 missions that also had much noticeable rewards in term of loyalty points and bonuses vs my previous agent.

It was my day off from RL activities, so had some time. So over the course of several hours ran a variety of courier missions, one or two missions mining of some rare unheard of mineral ores and several combat missions for my production agent. The combat missions very just more fun even though at times seem had enough time to go and make coffee while running some missions. The flight time can take a while in a large mission room area in a slow Battecruiser traveling over a hundred plus km’s often just to reach another acceleration access gate to another room which can take quite some time to reach. Had more than enough times to do house errands or fetch other things while slowly cruising to gate even with afterburners on.

Gallente Federation "Dominix" Battleships maneuvering

Had one of my toughest and quite the longest mission ever facing off against a very heavy fleet of the Gallente Federation Navy on accepting a mission from my agent. On first appearance seeing the mission the reward and loyalty points reward was much higher than all previous in actuality over 4 times as much as any previous missions I can remember.

Was told that a heavy Gallente Federation Fleet Force of some form in a nearby system and needed to be curtailed as well as capture the Fleet Commander as the mission objective. As well my agent did hint in some small written red text in the mission you may need a bit of backup to take the Commander and that it might be a good idea.

Ok no problem how hard can that be, so far I’ve been cruising through missions with good piloting skills and using aggro tactics I learned in my not so distant days playing WoW tanking with shield and board doing that while maintaining crowd control when played. So have learned a bit of aggro tactics else where to help make me an ok pilot so far. So off as usual in my lone Harbinger Battlecruiser taking on an entire Gallente Federation Fleet force. Had no idea what one really looked like anyway! Will soon find out.

Zoned in with my Harbinger Battlecruiser and Immediately noticed was up against a heavy fleet force. Settled in for what seemed was well over an hour of trying to punch my lazers at long-range through quite a variety of different kinds of Gallente Federation Battlecruisers, Battleships, Cruisers and Heavy Assault Cruiser Ships. Trying to punch holes in the heavy Federation Fleet too a while to do, but it was fun and learned some tactics along the way in the process just gaining the experience of the mission. Didn’t lose any of my drones whom was working overtime and got beaten up quite a bit in the process.

Gallente Federation Cruiser

Eventually after what seem like quite a while of battling the Federation Fleet Force completed the 1st mission room and needed to head to the second room with the acceleration gate quite some distance away traveling towards it in a slow Battlecruiser. On gate access a message popped up for a showdown of some sort from the Commander I guess it was in the next room. Warped in and got dropped what seem like in the middle of a really hot zone of numerous and various sort of ships some being quite similar to the previous room and some being a bit different though uncertain of exact ship class. As well a variety of long-range missile sentry drones at mid range that was firing away on my exact position I landed in zone. I couldn’t tell exactly who the Commander was initially or at that time because I had fading shields and was quickly loosing a bit of armor as well felt like my ship was barely moving.

Being a bit unaware of it, appears the Fleet Commander wasn’t that far away and who also had me totally Webbed immediately right where I landed in the zone because I could barely move and never more than 45 m/s at that. He had me pinned down Webbed while blasting away in a Navy Megathron and while the rest of the close by fleet and range missile battery’s punched big holes in my quickly faded shields and fairly fast fading armor. Had no choice but to try to warp out the zone to a system safe spot I had marked on my way in. Needed to do so before I lost my Harbinger Battlecruiser with almost all my armor gone. I now had a bit of hull structure damage as well. There was also no space station in the system so had to Stargate jump to next system to repair.

While repairing decided that completing the mission might take a while so better salvage the first room if I could before the wreckage despawned. So jumped to next system and fetched my mission salvage ship and came back and cleaned up a fairly large spread out room of wreckage.

After completing the wreckage cleanup, warped back into mission area in my Batttlecruiser after traveling a long way slowly at over a hundred km’s to the 2nd entry acceleration gate. Activated all modules and warped in. Almost immediately got Webbed by the Commander who wasn’t but less than 15km away in his Navy Megathron and could barely move more than 45 m/s. And just like that again was getting holes punched through my armor as Gallente Federation Navy Fleet of ships immediately locked target immediately punched holes through my shields and fairly fast started punching holes in my ship much tougher armor.

Only managed to kill maybe a ship a Tristan looking frigate or two that was close by before had to warp out to previously marked safe spot. And again after taking some armor damage had to repeat the repair process all over again Stargate jumping to next system to repair and back. This process gets quite long jumping to do any repairs. Since your docking at a station your shields gets immediately repaired with armor repairing taking a while via modules if you do unless you elect to fully armor repair at a station with repair facilities.

After taking a while to get back into the mission zone, things repeated themselves again. Decided was probably taking too much kinetic damage so changed out one my hardener modules for more Kinetic damage resist especially since I was getting pounded on at close range as well. So had to make an extra jump to my agent station where had a bit of odds and end asset inventory. Changed and added a -50% Kinetic resist hardener for armor damage and warped back in to zone after taking a while to get there.

This time instead of immediately getting webbed by the Commander who always seem to be close by at the zone in point I was now getting Sensor Dampening I think it was so couldn’t really target lock the Commander either. I only managed to kill maybe another 2 close by ships which was less than 15km away while getting pounded on from the rest of the fleet and within range of fire from missile battery’s.

But it wasn’t long before the Commander changed tactics and I was Webbed again and afterburners just didn’t seem to help all that much in a slow Battlecruiser trying to get away from being Webbed. As well I was burning through capacitor reserves like water quickly evaporating in the desert sun. Again I managed to warp out with hull damage again. So headed off to my agent station a few jumps away. I’m taking too much damage while pinned down. Hmm maybe I can try adding another repair module so have 2 repair modules working while tanking the damage because I’m taking a ton of it from close by ships and at range. Tied to add another repair module but I didn’t  have the ship power grid to support it as well as trained skill to help buff that even more. Bummer!

Not many options on changing modules for my Harbinger Battlecruiser within the confines of skill limitations and ship. So decided to give it another try. All these hull repair trips was starting to add up. As well it was becoming a pain to keep warping out of mission after getting Webbed and taking a beating getting pounded on, taking hull structure damage and since no space stations are within the current system having to jump to next system to repair every time. As well the hull structure damage repair adds up. So warped  back into mission zone area for another try just never liking the idea of giving up on a mission in general. Immediately  my ship got Webbed and pounded on from everything in range both close by including the Commander, and everything else at mid range. Warped out with my ship still intact and another round of repairs. As well a bit frustrated at this point. There wasn’t anyone else at my Corp office so they would of being no help even if I could ask.

So 5 hours later after having accepted the mission from my agent I figured there is no good chance at this point being able to complete this mission which would have rewarded a whopping 1450 Loyalty Points. And compared to maybe 10% of that amount if even that or at most was what I was used to in reward amount based on previous missions. Most my previous missions maybe awarded as much as 300 loyalty points maybe and those usually seem special the missions that did in that they awarded a bit of standing increase with the Corp Agent I worked with. So with a bit of humility and a bit frustrated as well I flew back to my agent corp space station marched into her office and decide to drop the mission.

My agent response was that of pure hostility……. You need to get some more Stones!


And to add even more insult to that my agent decided to deduct 0.5 points from my agent standing with her Corp. I think that probably may have affected my faction standings as well with some other corp maybe. You kidding me!  Yeah she sure did.  And well my agent decided that my standing having deducted points from my standing as a penalty is now so much lower than previously that she wasn’t going to talk to me again. Thus making herself unavailable. So all that cozying up with my agent running mission for most of the day seemed in vain. I now have much lower standing with my agent than I actually started the day with. Which also now means I have to go back to work for my previous agent. Talk about insult to a bad on missions overall.

Wasn’t a good end to a long day especially on a mission that lasted so long in attempt to do in my Harbinger Battlecruiser. Well always a positive since I ended the day at least still with my ship.

After having only built the Harbinger Battlecruiser just a week ago, I can only think I now may be in need of a Battleship as a solution. And the only problem with that is having to tie up more training than I anticipated at this point with training for not only a Battleship but also all the support skills to be effective in combat as well as being able to properly fit such a ship.

A day in the life of this very young capsuleer.

11 thoughts on “Angry Agent: Get Some More Stones..

  1. Only did head to the station next system to repair the damage my ship took for “Hull Structure” damage which did mention i sustained almost every time to various degree. Armor damage I repaired with my own mods after I warped out of the mission area while at safe spot. After which i went to get repair for the hull structure damage.


  2. Agents tend to offer higher rewards for actions against non-criminals (that is, faction navies, rogue drones, etc); this is to add incentive to take these tasks as non-criminals don’t have CONCORD bounties, which are usually a large sum of reward all on their own.

    It doesn’t sound like your tactics were lacking; if you can’t eliminate the target that is webbing you, then you should try to eliminate as much incoming damage as possible — and from the way you tell the tale, it sounds like you did that.

    You should note, though, that most of the time agents will give you quite a long time to complete the mission — you could have taken a night to rethink your strategy and then come back with a fresh perspective the next day.

    And my final note, if you’re having trouble in a level 3 mission with your battle cruiser, the trouble is likely not with the ship but with the pilot. Work on your core skills and try to improve your abilities with that ship before moving on to a Battleship. I know it can be tempting; when I first got into a pod I felt like it was a race to get into the biggest ship possible — but just as I was about to qualify for a battleship, I realized the folly of this direction.


    1. Good to know about how some the missions are structured that a Agent does offer. I did try to kill several of the ships including a few of the frigates that were very close less than 12km away while I could. As well did take out only a few of the missiles battery within range in the area while webbed and getting pounded on.

      The mission time for the reward was 6 hours. And after 5+ hours it was a bit way late. Yes i probably could of saved the mission for later to work on. However just wanted to get done with it and be it that.

      Will agree that core pilot training skills for Battlecruiser and support skills do need to improve, i did attest to that before. I guess if you been following the blog since I started you will see haven’t been all that hurry to move on to anything bigger and better in much of a hurry as well working on other skill areas. As did mention was only last week built a Battlecruiser and thats after been in EVE just over now a 100 plus days. I say thats a lot slower pace vs the pace most new players try to get into a bigger and badder ship after 2 weeks of EVE like quite a few people tend to do.

      However plenty of time to train up skills focusing on other supporting skills as had previously mentioned on the blog in other prior posts.


      1. I’ve only just started following, but it sounded like your frustration on this mission was leading you toward a larger hull; either way, sounds like you’re reasoning it out quite well.

        As far as the mission duration, there are two durations you should worry about; the first is the duration before the bonus expires (which is, I think, what you’re looking at) and the second is the expiration for the actual mission. The bonus expires after a short amount of time (between a matter of minutes and a matter of hours) while the mission usually doesn’t elapse until much later.

        I was new to New Eden once, and I remember my time; so please don’t think I’m trying to berate you, I’m attempting to offer advice that will keep you on track and keep you less jaded than some of the other bitter veterans running around.


  3. First of all well done on not losing your ship. That’s the most important thing.

    A few points.

    When you are webbed you can still set up instawarps. You do this by aligning to the thing you intend to warp to. I have a special Overview tab called Panic which only contains the Sun and the Planets. If I am in a mission like this I align to the sun then when armour gets to about 25% I instawarp out. The only way they can stop this is by warp scrambling you. (Small drones with good drone skills supported by laser fire is the best way to clear warp scramblers off you quickly).

    Next, I don’t think you should move to a battleship. Aim for a T2 tank (Hull Upgrades 5, Repair systems 4, etc) and T2 drones. Once those are in place, combined with the instawarp trick you should be able to do just about all of the level 3 missions with confidence.

    My character is called Quantessa. If you get really stuck convo me and I’ll come help you if I can.


    1. Appreciate the pointers Stabs, about the instawarps. Actually whenever I do missions I make safepoint bookmarks on my way warping into every mission to that I have a point to warp out to in that system incase i need to. Usually if I have to warp out of a mission its usually to my previously marked safe spots I made in that system on the way in so warping out never is a issue. I’ve done warping to celestials as well and since I have 4 different overview tabs thats custom configured on my overview there is one I use specifically for scanning and probing that has celestials that I can easily switch to and pic or warp to a celestial if needed to.

      As well appreciate the pointers on T2 Tank upgrade that has been part of my impending plan all along.

      If I ever have problems in game I will sure to solicit your assistance in convo in game. Thanks as always for the feedback as well.


  4. Seriously, bigger ships will not help you. What you need is to increase tank of your existing ship.

    Use battleclinic for loadouts and also get EFT tool, helps tremendously. I myself am only 30day old pilot and have no problems whatsoever doing L3 +19 missions in Drake. Usually finish one in <30 minutes.


    1. Thanks Dunn, but there is no plans for a bigger ship! I actually prefer to fly around in my Punisher frigate of all things.

      I was considering a “thought” and my concerns to one as well as possibilities to a solution vs one being the actual solution. For as long as I have previous flown my Punisher I’ve not been in much hurry to buy or upgrade combat ships.

      Yet your concern is greatly appreciated and noted.


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