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Retriever Mining

Day to day activities usually include running down a mental checklist of checking the status of several things such as uncompleted training and any need to make any readjustment to current training as needed. Checking the status of planetary colonies resetting extraction processes across several planets and decide whether there is a need to schedule and do any orbital launches of processed and extra launch pad storage buildup for later pickup from planetary customs. As well there is the daily routine checking and management of all my trade buy and sell orders and deciding if there is a need to do any courier to restock any out of stock orders across my trading network at key trading stations if possible.

On another note needed to replenish some mineral reserve which I use to for the manufacturing of blueprint products some of which ends up increasingly being moved across my trading network as needed and to where it can appear to be more profitable. However needed to make a few modules to do some upgrade to my salvaging fleet of ships (3) and needed several out of stock minerals to start the factory manufacturing process. So was off to do a few quiet hours of personal mining in a nearby system asteroid belt to mine the needed minerals. As well build up a little extra mineral reserve for other blueprint manufacturing needs.

That lasted for a few hours. A few hours mining in my Retriever as a part-time miner eventually realized I eventually need a bigger mining barge. A Covetor would do to fill my needs for upgrade for much faster mineral harvesting at some point. However at the moment finding the time to accomplish the training needs required for piloting is going to be a while due to other training requirements that’s a bit important at the current moment.

Completed my mining ops reprocessing all minerals and dropped a blueprint in the factory slot at my home station for several Tractor Beams needed to reconfigure my salvaging fleet of ships for more efficiency.

Static Wormhole connection to a C3 system.

Ditching the mining barge needed to temporary move my Helios scanning and scouting ship to a station where was doing a bit of work for my production agent in a system a few jumps away to do some scanning whenever I felt the need while temporary based there for missions. As well my mission Battlecruiser ship was temporary as well located at the same station.

So did some scanning for signatures picking up some pirate anomaly’s, combat sites and a wormhole. Decided to quickly check out the wormhole before deciding to run through some the pirate hideout sites and complexes. The wormhole was a static connection to unknown space leading to system J223207 a class 3 wormhole system that appeared occupied though without activity. So another wormhole system visited for exploration. Did some looking around briefly in the system and then decided to jump back to empire space to engage some pirates in the scanned anomaly’s and combat complexes.

Running level 3 missions in my Harbinger

After having run through a few scanned anomaly’s and combat sites and cleaning up salvaging with my conveniently located close by mission salvaging ship in system it was time to decide to report to my production agent and do some missions for the high tech NPC Corp Viziam.  As well to continue to raise my standing to access better quality missions and increasingly move closet to lvl 4 missions. Accepted several level 3 missions doing a variety of hauling of freight of several items from one to four jumps away for delivery to a variety of NPC Corps to quickly complete.

Occasionally one or two missions involved mining some amount of unusual Ore in the local system. That involved fetching my Retriever close by to relocate and complete especially since it was obvious that actually completing the mission gave a bit of standing increase judging by the amount of loyalty points the mission rewarded on completion. Usually had to clear a several drones before could mine the needed mission Ore mining it. Rest of my level 3 missions was engaging a variety of drones and ships at various mission either in system or in a system adjacent to current system. It was fun to do more combat oriented missions blowing up speedy drones and various sorts of ships.

Destroying Mission Objective Outpost

One mission was quite long, my longest ever with a total of 5 rooms to complete full of targets and long enough that by the time I completed the mission the wreck at the very beginning of the mission site acceleration gate entrance had just started to despawn. So had to with haste salvage the mission site quickly. Salvaging overall is always fun making a game out of tagging and fetching wreckage while salvaging the actual wreckage. However did get the mission site cleaned up somewhat quickly with lots of tractor beams towing wreck behind and salvaging on the move. Before I had fitted my salvaging ships with 4 salvaging modules and 4 tractor beams and felt I needed at least one more tractor beam vs salvage modules. Refitting to 3 salvaging modules and 5 tractor beams seems to work much better for faster towing of more wreckage while salvaging on the move.

There was enough wreckage had to make 2 cans for later pickup and haul back to station in my industrial hauler located at my agent station. With several missions complete and a bit of standing increase with my agent done, called it a day now having access to a much higher quality lvl 3 quality 19 Viziam Corp agent vs the lvl 3 quality -15 agent I’ve been missioning for. The new agent is conveniently located just one system jump in the adjacent system.

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