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Class 2 Wormhole

Its been a fairly slow week due to RL working schedule and a bit tired to even spend much focus time playing all that much. EVE is fun, but on some days sleep after being worn out from RL working schedule just seems a better choice. However did manage to do some Scanning and Probing as haven’t done all that much exploration for a little while. Scanned down a few unstable Wormhole while in my Magnate Probe ship.

Reading the info on one K162 Wormhole said lead to unknown space but also noticed the oh so slightly change in the information where it didn’t say it was all that dangerous. like few others I’ve seen reading the description where it usually can change slightly and say something like “dangerous”, “very dangerous”, “deadly” unknown space etc. I figure it must be a Class 1-3 Wormhole . And looking at the Blue glow at the core of the Wormhole I can remember I haven’t been to one of those before. I remember the last Class 3 Wormhole I visited had the same color core as the area around it so I’m taking note that based on the class of Wormhole that the center of it looks differently in color.

Jumped through turned out to be a Class 2 Wormhole (J155307) that was eventually found to be quiet but occupied. Again still takes a bit getting oriented after  jumping through to the other side of a Wormhole. As well I get quite a bit paranoid every time I’m inside a Wormhole as well, imagining that there are eyes unseen everywhere and probably from reading too many blogs of other players that actually live there. I guess maybe if I maintain that sense of paranoia and caution always it probably serve to keep me alive vs being a careless tourist to Wormhole space. Stayed a while, did some scanning and then eventually left WH space for trip back to my home system to explore some combat sites I had scanned previously and was curious to check a few out.

Back in my home system the 5 Cosmic Signatures that took a bit of scanning that all turned out to be Combat Sites of various sorts all with funny names like “Haunted Graveyard”, Sansha Watch, “Desolate” something and a few others. In most my previous scanning I had found the usual Cosmic Signatures but none that had an Acceleration Gate on entering the site which all these sites turned out to be. So I could only guess based on experience that these were all Complex Sites or Combat Sites vs a anomaly site with Pirates.

I picked one site at random to enter after initially warping into each of the other scanned bookmark sites. I had changed ships to my mission Punisher Frigate and accessed the Acceleration Gate. Warped into the Combat site and got dropped almost on top of an overview full of red targets. I glanced down my overview and nothing but red all the way down. Stretched down my overview even more and was probably like 30-40 targets plus drone missiles and all within 30 km it seems or most was. Zone turned hot immediately getting target locked and fired on immediately. I was there barely 10 seconds and if that long and immediately got bombarded into armor almost loosing half my armor. Decided to warp out pronto and just barely warped out in time to take full ship armor damage and into structure damage.

Flying back to close by system station was a trail of puffing black smoke all the way lol. Barely escaped! Repaired up my ship and not one to be beaten that easily warped right back into the same site only managed to kill 2-3 of close by targets in the zone before had to warp back out due to too much armor damage. It was a bit hot and taking a bit of range damage from missiles as well. Warped back in the site again and decided was going to kite some the target away and out of range a bit of taking range damage if possible.  Ended up kiting a bit too far from the active site and suffered a game “socket connection” close or sort and crashed hard. Game crash was so bad that my entire UI got completely reset, actually my UI had a new color now its was Blue. Game kept sending me to the starter area as if I was a new account. Had to redo my entire overview setup and redo all my bookmark folders and such. That was a hard crash and recovery. Well that put a dent into plans and was the end of Exploration that day. I still need to spend some time really doing some Exploration though for fun.

In other news about 8 more days to complete training for Frigate V to complete Covert Ops training.

2 thoughts on “Recent Explorations

  1. It sounds terrific. Well done you for getting into Wormhole space so soon. I’ve been playing a year and still haven’t tried it.

    I’m also about a week off cov ops so I’ll give it a go. Looking for a new PI spot anyway.


  2. Yeah i enjoy exploration and find WH Space quite interesting to visit. Some day hope to make it a permanent move possibly but general exploration is interesting so spend a bit of training time towards it though still fairly new at EVE.

    You’ll get to Covert Ops soon and will be much more fun i’, sure. I’m waiting for it myself to happen.


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