A Logistics Nightmare

Ocean Planetary backdrop to our new Corp new home office.

Actually the new view to our new reformed Corp home office is quite nice with a backdrop view to a Ocean Planet a bit deep in Caldari Space in a very large and industrial corporate system with over 22 actual NPC Corps counted in the 0.5 system. The nightmare had been the logistics of moving and hauling all my possessions and moving ships from hangers in previous home system to new star system.

The trip was making 18 Stargate jumps. That’s 36 Stargate jumps on a roundtrip haul in my Industrial Ship the Bestower. Fully fitted with Cargo Expanders II, Cargo Optimization Modules, Giant Secure Containers  made over at least a dozen trips ……..at least! That also include the moving of about at least 17 ships or so most of which couldn’t be repackaged for the move due to the rigs. I’m afraid to say I lost count after making about the first 4 trips and that It felt like 20 maybe since it took so long. I really quit counting past 4 trips because it took like forever, probably would have being best to quit counting after the first trip more like it. That’s a lot of Au distance covered on all those trips all together.

98% of the move is now over and all that’s left is mostly to make the rounds in my previous home region and collect 4 Planetary Launchpad full of extracted and processed products. That’s stuff that takes up a lot of shipping cargo space and be a continued nightmare to haul all that for another trip. So I’ll probably collect it all making the planetary rounds and just dump it on quick sale either in our local region.

Then all that’s left is to move 2 Industrial Sigil ships a few Stargate jumps and probably centrally locate them logistically in Amarr system. Its been a really damn busy nightmare of a time moving on the long relocation move. It sure must be nice to have one those huge multi-hundred million dollar Transport Ships in Eden, to make a nice big fast and easy move. Far from being that rich yet or skilled to use one.

In other news after studying a few shorter courses for my training skills now is on the long haul to complete training for Frigate V which will allow me to finally pilot a Covert Ops ship. Should be completed in 15 days. At which point i’ll have to make about 21 Stargate jumps to head back and pickup my Tech II Buzzard which is silently sitting in a hanger in Khanid Kingdom region since it was delivered some time ago.

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