The Ongoing Crazy & Perpetual War Declaration Saga

I can barely understand it myself, thus its a bit hard to even explain it. But our corp ongoing War dec saga is and has gotten more weirder than it originally seemed in the beginning. Our corp seems to be on a list of several corps on assault at the very back end being funded by some wealthy benefactor who for reasons that are just not all too clear and just weird in motive with associates. And some known collaborators seem out for revenge of some sort for reasons that are just not clear. Its confusing at best and almost stupid and crazy as well.

What is fact is that our corp and one of several is on the receiving end of constant and perpetual War dec’s. This current War dec had been going on for an entire week at this point. A small corp was hired as mercenary to War dec our corp, and of members of that corp we have only seem then on the first day of the war and only maybe 2 of them at most. A few ships were lost on both sides. We have barely seem any of the enemy corp members since all that time since and the War dec still persists going on now a week with no end.

Eventual communications between our corp CEO and the mercenary corp CEO revealed that they were paid to War dec our corporation by some other benefactor. Communication email provided by one of our Corp Director revealed a log of communication between one of a fairly new member of our corp and the benefactor in question which was interesting and plain wired and a bit psychopathic with the benefactor funding the war and the impending war against our corp and several other corps with some 400m ISK to hire mercenaries. This raised even more questions and just got even more confusing at best.

Looking back over the course of over 6 weeks or more our corp has been on the end of several weekly War dec’s which I call war of the week! As well several of our much younger members and full time PvP members had slowly left or left the corp for uncertain reasons not all too clear moving to other corps. Our corp has been on the receiving end of War dec’s from several of those corps as well.

What has become clear through various sources as well in some way is that almost all of the corp former PvP focused members have aligned in some way into some plan of some sort to Constantly and Perpetually issue War dec’s against our corp and also several other corps. Thats where this gets confusing, stupid and crazy in motive. But it seems to be what it is. Its been believed through some source that one of the aim is to kill off our corp to make it no more and that being well funded they will keep at it till its achieved (Their motive it seems). This just gets even more nuts, stupid and confusing. It’s also very much believed by our Corp CEO that our corp were being sized up for some time in some way to take down by some other plot. For what reason, hell it keeps getting even more confusing! A few of the former members whose motives were also questioned that kept hanging around monitoring out corp communications were eventually also expelled.

All a bit confusing. With the constant threat of War dec its been harder for out corp to recruit or maintain even some the newer recruits that recently joined as well. Our CEO eventually made the decision with possible impending full out and perpetual War dec’s which somewhat seems imminent via all the communications back channels to split our corp. Remaking a new corp and having new members that wish to move to the new corp move to the new corp. The others will remain in the current corp that wishes to fight it out whatever comes of this crazy ongoing War dec’s.

A new 0.5 system was scouted by our CEO in Caldari space much far from our current corp location in Amarr space. At this point as a much younger member and skill wise I’m electing to move to the other the new corp vs being locked in perpetual warfare. There is a time to wage war and I’ll pick mine a different day

So been a bit busy with the logistics of moving some 17 Stargate jumps to a new system. That is a huge undertaking moving lots of containers and various ships with my Industrial Bestower.


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