War Declaration, (War dec) Again!

Well seem like the minor increase in fee was enough and my broker secured the order for my new Tech II Buzzard and at 7.5 million ISK I consider that a very good deal on my wallet. Saved me several millions so kinda made money on that deal. Picking it up realized needed Frigate 5 vs Frigate 4, ahh bummer. 16 days of training needed for Frigate 5 so about 20 days till can really pilot it. And again the weekly cycle of War Declaration (War dec) rolls in and our corporation had been yet again the target of another War Dec.

These things by my count seem to roll on in every week now based on my count. Some smack talking I believed had started the last war during mining ops of one of our corp member and member of another corp pirating cans during their mining. Last war ended after a day last week and a few of our corp mates lost a few ships outside out station. The other corp came in numbers in mostly Tech II ships mostly and had laid siege to out corp headquarters station. And so several out corp mates lost a few ships in the process including a new and fitted Battlecruiser of one of our directors that was unfortunate enough to get popped in the vicinity of out corp station. A few members lost ships outside trying to see what was going on.

The other corp had hired mercenaries, some from 0.0 space that had some huge bounties (38million+) on them it seemed and they came out to prey on us for the war including the rest of the corp. They made a good show. We gave up a few ships. We didn’t pay no blood ransom money. Waited them out a bit as well and they lost patience with us. And a bit over 24 hrs the war was over. Survived another war and then it was back to day to day business as usual after.

So as this week War Dec rolls in I have no idea as usual what’s the actual reason more usual than always the case. When it only cost 2 million ISK to initiate a war with a non alliance corp it doesn’t seem to cost much to bribe Concord (Empire Police) and have them look the other way. Guess we fight another one this week. See what happens next week as well. Seemed to be a 5 man corp that put the War Dec on us, but you never know how many is involved when corps can hire out for mercenaries and corp friends or add some as temporary corp members for the duration. I think they Australian corp so there is a bit of time difference as well for any action with them. So far they have lost a Dominix Battleship in our system.

Before the war actually kicked off had to bump up plans and pull my Bestower Industrial hauler ship out the hanger, stargate jump across a few star systems to pick up processed materials from my Planets. Since the launchpads for the planetary colonies which held the process storage was getting quite filled and didn’t know how long the corp war was going to last, needed to make the rounds and pick up lots of materials from several planets before I lost product due to over storage. Wasn’t much for hauling stuff during the war so do did it early.

The War Dec is still in process, but all is currently quiet and system seems clear via local. Jumped in my tiny fast shuttle (Daredevil) to make a few runs to several close by star system to pick up some advance skill books and several more blueprints for my manufacturing operations. My usual means of travel when picking up small stuff like skill books and blueprints. As well for the speedy warp travel.

My Trade business is coming along slowly and profits are slowly coming in. Though have been reinvesting my profits into more inventory for my faster selling items been reinvesting some the profits into picking up some ship building blueprints to manufacture several for market and add to my income source. Also picked up a few new blueprints for a few new modules to make and add to my manufacturing operation. Blueprints collection continues as a young Trade Industrialist. I’m still also not yet to the point where I can do Research, Invention and working with a R&D Agent on that front. Need some time to skill up other skills before I can.

With 16 days out to learn Frigate 5 required to pilot my Tech II Covert Ops ship I decided before committing to studying for 16 days will study a few quicker courses. In a few hours for some needed benefit could increase my skill in a few other areas and including Astrometrics a little bit over a day training. At the end of which will be busy learning skills for Frigate 5 for the next 2 weeks.

With all the new blueprints to manufacture some new items, need quite a bit of minerals to start the process on any of the items so need to do some mining. Being in a 0.6 system its much easier to find most the minerals I need in our star system as long as it’s not all completely gone by too many Hulk mining vessels running wild. With the War Dec in process at the moment. It’s a bit of a minor setback to doing any mining operations for much needed minerals. Will see how the day turns out.



  • I think the covert ops will be a key way to defend against war decs.

    Most war decs are entertaining because they give the initiating target a lot of free kills as well as the opportunity to extort. If you wardec a different non-pvp corp every week but agree not to persecute them if they pay you 300m isk then enough people will cave in to make this quite profitable.

    The tables are turned though if you can take out their ships.

    The best way to do this is to hunt them down using locator agents, contacts list and physically visiting their systems. Using their killboard to see where their active is useful.

    Spy on them with a cov ops. Once you’ve worked out how they play discuss a retributive force with your corp. If they camp a gate work out when they usually wind down and start to log off and hit them when half of them have gone.

    The aim in Eve as ever is 100% kill efficiency. If you give them a good fight you encourage them to war dec you again. If you gank them while they’re shopping at Jita it’s a lot less fun for them.

    Once you have the cov ops you also have most of the skills for stealth bomber. Once you can use both of those you should really be able to make their life hell.

    Of course if you do well then people will stop feeding you war decs, maybe at that point you can go hunting helpless high sec carebears yourself! Or hunt pirates for truth justice and mum’s apple pie!

  • Adventurer Historian

    My limited experience in EVE taught me that war decs start for the dumbest excuses ever – there’s usually a fleet that likes to prey on the small and weak, and a war will start in order to have destroying ships and/or get ransom.

    Oh wells. It’s cut throat and ‘realistic’, and it was interesting reading about mercenaries – that’s kinda cool!

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