Daily Happenings

Transporting Manufactured Goods

I didn’t get to do all that much during my last session around Eden. It’s a busy week dealing with the real life simulator running the night shift program till end of week.

But did a few thing which seem to now be part of my daily routine like checking the market and overlooking my trades on my buy and sell orders and seeing what sold during my away time. I pulled a few new Blueprint manufactured products off the industrial line set to be sold on the market. My Local system prices was deemed a bit low with some competition based on the sell prices I wanted, so I pulled the Industrial hauler out of the hanger loaded up some the goods and transported them 3 jumps to another system to one of several of my regional trading stations to be sold at a much more desirable price range with little local competition. Picked up a few new Blueprints along the way for manufacturing.

Then spent a few mins managing my planetary resource & production at the remote planetary terminal interface. Had to reset my Extractors to a good 23 hrs cycle since I was going to be tied up with the real life simulator overnight so gave them sufficient cycle time to get rocking. Will have to do a planetary pickup later this week as inventory is stocking up. Things have been going much better as of the recent patch since CCP corrected the problem with the 96 hour Extraction cycle bug that plagued my extractors for an entire week when I had the unfortunate event to be stuck in the real life simulator all weekend and setting a 96 hr Extraction cycle for my processors which ended up being bugged. Extractors were then found out stuck in a perpetual loop of automatically resetting them self to every 3 days every time the server restarted which was a headache for ultra low productivity.

After that I realized my several day old buy order for my Tech II Covert Ops Buzzard had not yet being processed. So hopped in my speedy shuttle and decided to go visit my broker in a close neighboring region to see what was the hangup. Probably need to put more money on the table maybe to make a more enticing buy order offer I would guess.

I’m only now somewhere around 3.1 million skill points which aren’t all that much, i’m still way young in Eve for skills.

Slow day, but had a prescheduled visit with the real life simulator so not much else for daily happenings. Read a bunch of Eve blogs overnight while stuck to the simulator will take about that later in my musing.


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