Down the Rabbit Hole and Into the Great Unknown

A K162 Wormhole in Paye

One the things I really enjoy in EVE Online is doing Exploration and the ability to find Cosmic Signatures that are very well hidden in deep space. And in my very young career as a capsuleer I have to say I’m already very good at Scanning and Probing to find Cosmic Signatures. Yet I can only get better with time and more refined skills. I was able to finally take my first big adventure into the great unknown into one of the vast region of unknown space finally jumping down a K162 Wormhole that I had scanned down with my probes.

I had scanned many Wormholes before just practicing the art of triangulation with my scanning probes finding Cosmic Signatures. Some of the most fascinating cosmic anomalies I have seen in EVE’s universe in all their dazzling array of colors that entice you to venture into far away and very unknown places. Like venturing into the great void expanse to places unknown, uncharted and mysterious regions. Though having previously scanned many Wormholes I had always maintained my sense of caution and refrain from jumping through without the shroud of a Cloaking device fearing all that could possibly be on the other side. I was also busy training for Covert Ops skill and forgot some days ago I had finally trained for Cloaking also.

J135036 a Class 3 Wormhole System

So was in my Magnate Probe & Scouting ship in my home high security (high sec) system, approached the K162 Wormhole and checked information on the Wormhole. It was an unstable Wormhole that said lead to regions “Unknown”. I hesitated for a few seconds and then finally make the great leap for adventure jumping into the great unknown.

A few seconds later and a bit disoriented in view I arrived in system J135036 a Class 3 (C3) Wormhole system. Straight ahead in my view was a spacial phenomena of some kind that turned out to be Cataclysmic Variable Star system and nothing I had ever seen before. It was an interesting sight though a bit disoriented after appearing on the other side of the Wormhole for the very first time.

I was truly in parts unknown in the great big universe of EVE. I tried to cloak but was too close to the Wormhole and the effects interfered with my cloak. Eventually got a bit away from the Wormhole and quickly cloaked for my own safety in my probe & scout ship. I remembered to bookmark the Wormhole location before venturing too far away. I did a few directional scan (d-scan) of the system and warping around the system and it appear though inhabited having a Control Tower I can see on scan and various tower arrays it was relatively quiet system. Being in a new place it was just interesting looking all around.

Eventually dropped several scanning probes and to try to find a new Wormhole within the system that lead elsewhere and eventually got signal hits for lots of cosmic signatures. Through knowledge acquired through lots of reading I selected the weakest signal and scanned it down. Astrometric probe scan eventually revealed it to be a connection that lead to another Class 3 system. I approached with caution and eventually jumped through my 2nd Wormhole connection ever. This new system was fairly more occupied and active with allot more  ships seen on scan including a Control Tower. I had cloaked and moved away from the Wormhole at about 20Km and sat cloaked d-scanning the system and observing the system and its celestial layout. While observing from afar I noticed on my overview a Megathron Battleship coming through the Wormhole and seconds later cloaked and was gone.

Hanged around the system just getting used to looking at scanning information and taking in my little adventure down the rabbit hole to places far away and unknown. Eventually made my way back through the C3 connection and back through the other Wormhole connection to my home system in high sec space eventually ending my very first little adventure also to 0.0 space.

It was finally good to be able to able to say I’ve seen and ventured into places unknown that I’ve only heard about reading other players blog that are much more veteran players in EVE. More adventures exploring and surveying unknown space I’m sure for the future..

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